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  1. smn03

    Still in the "finding ideas/finding needs" phase

    I've read TMFL and Unscripted, understand the CENTS principle, and I know that people pay me for the value I'm providing. So here's my current problem: Myself: Im still trying to figure things out.. Im working at a job I don't like but saving every € I earn. I have about 10.000 saved to invest...
  2. MTF

    Are You Offering a Painkiller or a Vitamin?

    Alex Lieberman, co-founder, and Executive Chairman of Morning Brew, recorded an interesting episode on the importance of being a painkiller, not a vitamin in business. The episode and the transcript is here...
  3. D

    Stop wasting time finding a need, focus on being GOOD at what you are passionate about.

    What I have come to learn after analyzing numerous businesses and successful people that are actually happy. Finding a need doesn’t actually matter. Let me explain. Stop wasting countless hours searching for a need 1) Do we need another.. Clothing brand Smoothie Shop Singer Web Design Agency...
  4. G

    CENTS Idea Valuation Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  5. Mainstream7

    Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs and it´s Implications

    I recently quit my dayjob, and can´t help but feeling to lose ground especially after pursuing a rather passionate project. Here I would like to discuss thoughts on Maslow´s hierarchy as they relate to the Unscripted philosophy and how they can shape our priorities. Physiological Needs -...
  6. Wiezel

    How do I create ideas and work it out?

    I want to keep it short but when I look around the forum, I see many people creating companies and having good ideas. My problem is I know I can reach my goals, work hard and build a company but somehow my mindset is still wrong because I can’t think of anything, I can create my business in...
  7. LamboKing

    I’m not Executing Properly (Need Help, Little Success in the Fastlane)

    Yes you heard it right, 29 going on 30, and landing a man on Mars seems more hopeful then my chances reaching the fastlane. My long story (can skip to TL:DR): TL:DR: Read unscripted and TMF, vehicle is primed and fueled, yet no success. Why? Maybe because I haven’t executed properly or have...
  8. visiomari

    The Ultimate Brainstorming Thread: Need an Idea? Get in here!

    If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur waiting for that big idea, keep reading! I am on the same boat as you. However, recently I compiled all my brainstorming “triggers” and after a ton of thought and writing, I got some really, really cool ideas (at least 5 I could take reasonable action on)...
  9. L

    Finding Needs/Wants

    Okay, so this is where I'm stuck. I purchased the insiders subscriptions manly in the hope that it would give me some good ideas needing execution. There is nothing immediately viable though. Although I really want needs rather than solutions. So whats the ideal need? It is: A problem or item...
  10. FastLaner007

    List of NEEDS to fill thread

    Dear FastLaners, I am not sure if a thread exactly like mine here exists, if so please point me to that thread. I want to make it easier for all the 'doers' here to just find that occasional inspiration or the right idea/opportunity to execute on. Let's have a list of all the...
  11. El Príncipe

    New Skill Unlocked: The Sight (Level 2: Business Potential)

    Since reading TMF I've been shifting attention to the needs of those around me. What are they saying? What are they communicating? What do they want? What could I help them with? How can I give them value? A lot of times it's so easy. Just complimenting somebody on their appearance. Giving them...
  12. Vanderbilt

    Found this on Qoura: problems waiting to be solved

    Maybe we should start a similar thread?
  13. Fox

    Fox's Hierarchy of Needs

    Fox's Hierarchy of Needs... Start here and work down They need one thing: Pay you by the hour They need something done: Pay you by the job They need something created: Pay you by the value They need something you created ongoing: Pay you reoccurring They need to create using something you...
  14. LamboKing

    How Bad Do You Want It? Really Bad, yet I'm Stuck in Park!

    3:43 P.M. I’ve had it. Literally just screamed “f this” to the top my lungs! Read TMF and Unscripted, understand the 5 fast lane commandments, engine is primed and fueled, but I’m missing something. What that is, I don’t know (execution?). I’ve had enough, and it’s time to hit the fastlane and...
  15. tpjay

    What came first...the market or the problem?

    My group and I were having a discussion about what come first; the market or the problem? If the market came first you are able to target a specific customer with a specific problem but you could be alienating other possible problems you can solve. (I choose this route) What do you think? I...
  16. GoodluckChuck

    Looking through the eyes of the consumer

    For me, my question is related to writing a book intended to be a guide for consumers. That is why I posted it where I did. The fact is, this question applies to everything that is sold to consumers, so it applies to just about everyone here. What questions do you ask yourself to see through...
  17. Spicymemer45


    Hey all! So to practice the mindset of the Fastlane, everyday I've been answering as many questions as I can to the best of my ability on Quora! I took this deeper, I thought to myself how is Quora like a market. Well 1.) Quora has different "Market Segments"- People ask all sorts of...
  18. Y

    Doing what you love? Or just catch needs?

    Hi community! After reading the book "The Fastlane Millionaire", I'm trying to catch ideas from the needs of the people I meet. Last week I heard someone telling a "why is it this way?" and an idea came to me. The point is, the idea is about creating a mobile app to help solving the problem (I...
  19. LifeTransformer

    Don't go too niche!

    At the risk of preaching to the choir. (a lot of people here will know this already). I want to talk very briefly about niche. The "follow your passion" thing gets regularly debated, and I don't see this one being done too often. So here it is: Don't go too niche! If "follow your passion" is...
  20. Spicymemer45

    NEED HELP! (Discovering a need/want)

    Hey all! As you can read I am having a little trouble determining how to find a want/need to be filled in the modern market. I'm open to any and all ideas! This is how my thought process for finding them is as of now Listening to complaints on the internet, google keywording things Whatever...

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