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  1. Dr. Fastlane

    EXECUTION Zero to $3K in 100 Days: Starting my local SEO agency.

    I had read the "CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days" thread a while back. Got caught up with some personal issues for sometime, but finally managed to get back here and stumbled on that thread again. My Advantages: Am pretty f**ing good at SEO Have...
  2. Lucas Lee-Tyson

    EXECUTION [Progress] Journey to $10,000/month as a Facebook Ads Expert [2019]

    Hello Fast Lane Forum readers, My name is Lucas. I'm 20 years old and a Junior in college. I've been building and selling things online since I was 15. I first got started when I stumbled on the Internet Marketing forum BlackHatWorld. I have had a handful of successes and lots of failures. I've...
  3. Kyle T

    EXECUTION Chasing Freedom - Creating My Own Digital Marketing Company

    After recently reading through Sean's thread I have decided to pursue creating my digital marketing agency. His insights completely opened my eyes to the opportunity that is all around me. I ended up purchasing his course and am in the beginning stages of building my own business that will set...
  4. Saf H

    Ranked Top #6 App Store within 7 days. How we did it...

    Top #6 in App Store within 7 days. Here’s how we did it… These are the strategies we used to skyrocket a clients casual game from #1218 to #6th spot in the App Store in less than a week. (I posted this on Medium few days ago, thought I'd share it with it here with you guys) So the founder of...
  5. S

    OFF-TOPIC World Financial Group (MLM/Pyramid Scheme)

    Where do I begin? So, my brother is 17-years-old, and we both have identical mindsets and goals we have set out to achieve in life. He has a job as a salesman for the Globe and Mail (a newspaper company) and was doing very well. He called this one lady who loved him as a salesman, but didn't...
  6. Tamas Fogt

    From Hungary to the moon [I love sales]

    Hey guys, I am glad to be here with great people like you. I hope I created this blog in the right place. :D I've already learned here a lot and I want to give back. I am going to write my blog here and I hope every follower will love it. I am a Hungarian entrepreneur and I am building my...
  7. Daniel Budai

    Best ways to find first marketing agency clients?

    Hi everyone, I really know this topic is overtalked, however, I'd like to ask for the help of experienced business owners in this. I'm starting my content marketing agency now ( > my apologies if it's not allowed to share this here) and want to get my first clients (my first...
  8. Karl619

    Starting A Social Media Business & Overcoming Self -Doubt

    In this thread I will chronicle my journey from the very beginning ... I have always had an active interest in Social Media and have a very good understanding of how to use it properly. I have friends who have asked me to help them grow their business using Social Media and it made me think...
  9. Stealth Mode

    EXECUTION Building a web dev agency

    Hey guys. A partner and I have been building a web development and service agency. So far, we've had a few contracts and we are looking to grow it into a full scale operation. We're focused on the sales side first since that is the weakness. We believe we can build a commission-based sales team...

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