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  1. martyloic1@gmail

    From aspiration to reality: What steps for successful market research for my online platform?

    Hello I want to create an online service platform. I need to conduct some market research but I really don't know where to start. No matter how much I inquire, I don't understand how to do it and I do it on a wall. I think my company could bring in a 5-figure salary on autopilot. But I need to...
  2. xmrrabbitx

    How do I assess market demand volume to start an API Web3 service for other businesses and startups?

    Recently, I decided to put my Web3 idea on the market, and I wanted to know the best way to assess market demand. Do I have to email these startups to know about their interests or anything else? What is the best and most efficient way to do this? I definitely want to find a statistical way...
  3. Q

    Is the market growing or declining?

    Hi, for example, the newspaper market is declining, but (just for example) there are more and more newspapers opening and my business would be only interested in the newspaper firms. Would then the market, in which the business would like to sell, decline? Or generalized: Is the interested...
  4. afana7ev

    Frameworks for generating and evaluating entrepreneurial ideas (and should it even exist)?

    Introduction What I have written may be too obvious to many. But after all, many are here to learn, including me. I just tried to structure my thoughts, I hope you understand my point of view and the framework I proposed. I will be glad to hear your thoughts on this and ways to search for ideas...
  5. J

    If you were starting over, what would you do and why?

    If you were to start over and learn a new skill to start a business around, what would it be and why?
  6. C

    Digital Marketplace

    How would I go about making a website were merchants/craftsman can rent out space on a website to sell cultural products they make (I don't want to disclose the whole of the idea)? It could be like a digital marketplace that focuses on these cultural products. It would be a great epicenter to...
  7. C

    Identifying A Market

    Hi everyone I recently had my FTE in my day job not long before reading MJs new book which fired up my entrepreneurial spirit again and made me start hunting for business ideas Using the language MJ encourages you to learn in all of his books, I identified an idea for a self care product for...
  8. calv

    Looking for "Numbers" about specific Market.

    Hello guys, I am doing research to start my first business and wondering if/how do you usually approach to look for the "Numbers" you need to evaluate how big is the market you are considering to enter in. Is there any tip or website which more or less gather the main numbers related a macro...
  9. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I have a few ideas in mind for Ecommerce physical products. Curious what you all think as to what the most current and latest effective methods to validate and test a product/market need. I feel landing pages might piss people off / feel spammy when they find out you don't have stock and ask...
  10. Robert321

    Looking for partner

    Excuse me if this is not the kind of post allowed on the forum, feel free to delete it. I know how to code - both browser based apps (SAAS) and mobile apps and I'm looking for someone with complimentary skills to mine(sales, marketing, copy, etc.). in order to start an online business. We...
  11. M

    I'm a 18 years old guy, I'm attending to highschool and I want to be a rich. I'm looking for advices

    I've started read a lot of books and learning about business. I have a one dream, I want to be a rich and have awesome life. I'm from Poland and I have 18 years. I'm looking for some advices about way to be a rich. Do you think I should go to the college? I'm going to open e-shop with t-shirts...
  12. Claude Roy

    How do you decide which idea to pursue?

    Hey Guys, How did you pick one idea that you had and just go with it? I'm honestly feeling like I'm action faking a lot when I'm just searching for ideas. I'm browsing the net, asking questions on forums of what people need and I came out with a list of over 40 ideas that could be profitable. I...
  13. SoftStone

    Finding a niche to serve

    Hey everybody, I am a self-taugt software developer and new to the forum. One of my main struggles is finding the right niche to target. Reading through previous posts, I took away that it‘s a good idea to create a product in a niche you are familiar with. But what are some ways of finding...
  14. B. Cole

    Sales forecasting question

    Happy Sunday Fastlaners. I'm gaging my target audience and setting up realistic expectations as I wait on others for progress on my product. Total compatible households for the item in the US are 5 million. Customers to benefit greatly from the product I feel are 3 million. But the real...
  15. garyjsmith

    Survey says...!

    >> Maker of much-ridiculed $400 juicer is shuts down | Daily Mail Online Survey says....the market doesn't want it. I hope the OP doesn't truly believe money was the issue.
  16. Alexander K.

    Is the Market infinite?

    I have one particular experience that keeps supporting me in the moments of doubt, so I thought I'd share it. Back in 2008, I decided to try myself in iPhone development and created an app for a hobby market. The app became somewhat successful, I mean, a few people were buying it every day. I...
  17. M

    Studying Market

    Hello Fastlane enthusiasts. Entrepreneurship is said to be full of opportunities. Whenever it comes to finding a niche one has to research carefully. For those about to start, MJ Demarco has described a way to search for such an opportunity - it is looking for a shortage, a problem that has not...
  18. S

    New Website Traffic Tips

    Hey guys, So I recently had an amazing idea for a website service that involves FIFA! And I created the site within a week, and it has an attractive, easy-to-use design, and it fills a void/need in the market. For reference, my site is ! So far, to market my website and drive...
  19. koolst

    Please Do Not Pass By and Look Over My Website

    Hello there, I am very glad that've joined this forum and want to give you a look on my penny stock related project: What do you think of the design? Is the layout good? We are targeting the global market so please do not judge strictly on written english...