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Claude Roy
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  • Thanks for the good vibe Claude! How're things going so far? Do you have instagram? We should connect on there. I don't come on this forum nearly as much as I should!

    My IG is @garrett.who

    Send me a message and say hello!
    Hey Claude, I just read your intro post about quitting your job and pursuing business full time! That's super cool and I think it's one of the most bold things you can do!

    I just quit my 70k per year job to pursue my business opportunities! Cheers to an exciting journey for both of us!
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    Claude Roy
    Claude Roy
    Hey Garrett! It is definitely a bold thing to do and it was difficult to take the decision but when I did and took F*cking charge of my life, I felt so great and driven and can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. I know you're going to be successful, I'm sending you lots of positive vibe in your journey man! The war as begun and we're going to win this!
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