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  1. Positive Mindset

    INTRO Hello Pete here

    Hello guys, my name is Pete and I'm a personal trainer. I'm trying to do my best when I work with people, not just to train them at the gym but trying to find the best way to motivate them as well. I hope I will find in this forum some useful stuff to help my "pupils". Also I love to develop...
  2. G


    I've only just begun immersing myself in the plethora of knowledge that seems to be here on the forum. I've ordered the book. You might be asking yourself why the title of my thread is skepticism, yet my post seems so positive so far. Well, I didn't say my own skepticism did I? Truth be told...
  3. Amon

    NOTABLE! The True Unlock to Wealth (disclaimer: It's not reading) @millennials

    I haven't posted much on here because I've been busy building momentum in my life. Background: I grew up in Lakewood, OH in a single parent home with my mom and brother. We have lived below the poverty line for quite some time, due to my mother's inability to work. My brother suffers from a...
  4. Vigilante

    NOTABLE! In The Blink Of An Eye Everything Can Change

    I called my best friend last night on my drive home. I had a sense. I reached him at the hospital. My call was received a half hour after he had taken his daughter in with the coroner to view her now dead husband... the father of my best friends grandchildren. A terrible accident had taken...
  5. airwalk111

    INTRO From USA

    Hello, I am happy that I am here to read and learn all that I can! Currently I am a high school senior and honestly the real world terrifies me, and being stuck in the rat race scares me even more. As of right now, I have been admitted to a near by engineering college, and my plan is to go for...
  6. T

    Money or Wisdom?

    Which do you value more? If you had to choose, which of these would you want more of in your life? What do each of them mean to you?
  7. Mr. Gray

    Is your life done when you get gray hair?

    Is your life done when your hair is gray? Today I was overhearing an older lady in her mid 60's say to a girl that just graduated high school "Enjoy every moment, because it goes by fast. Once you get gray hair like me your life is done." I kept thinking in my head "Does this woman really...
  8. T

    The Law of Life: You Get What You Give

    " To be the most interesting person, you must become the most interested" "To be the most respected, you must become the most respectful" "To be the most powerful, you must empower others" "To become rich, you must enrich the lives of others" "To fulfill the deepest desires of your Self, you...

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