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Motivational - Rich Piana hitting hard on mindset.

Anything related to matters of the mind

B. Cole

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Mar 5, 2017
East Coast
Video I stumbled across as a tribute to Rich Piana. He was crazy, unconventional and controversial. But doesn't it take some of that to be successful? I came across him during a weight loss/body building journey last year. Sadly, he passed away soon after I started following him. This video hit pretty good after a shitty day at work, hope it motivates you guys too.

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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
He's not without controversy.

Racist remarks to an ex wife, caught on phone. Not just in passing, but pretty blatant and vile stuff.

Also slapped around a mentally handicapped dude who sent his army of trolls after him...

Nobody is perfect, but I prefer to take inspiration from people with a less checkered past.


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Sep 9, 2014
I was watching a few videos of him the other day and I think his advice is definitely not bad. He truly lived an UNSRIPTED life in my opionion.


Just throwing these two videos out here in case someone is interested.
Regarding the racial insult on his ex girlfriend he made an apology video that seemed sincere. Keep in mind that she was unfaithful to him and he was taking steroids/other drugs at that time.
Although that is no excuse I think he is not really racist, he just lost his mind in anger.

Regarding the slapping of this dude at the expo, to be fair Rich did not know this guy was handicapped. Imagine having the image of a "tough bodybuilder" and a guy comes up to you while you know that you are beeing filmed and tells you that he and his followers treated your life (+ the life of your wife) for days in social media comments. All that while smiling in your face.

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