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influencer marketing

  1. Hassassin

    Influencer marketing for an ecom brand (on a shoestring budget)

    HOW DO WE TAKE OVER THE FrACKING WORLD? Ahem. I mean: What catapults a brand to the front of the pack and distinguishes it from competitors? That question has been sending me down a loong rabbit hole as I put together our flagship ecommerce product. And it’s a tough one to answer. Partial...
  2. DeNero

    AMAZING Influencer Marketing Strategy that Led to $100,000 MRR - for SaaS & Ecom Founders

    I came across this brilliant post from David Park @Davidpark96 on Twitter, and thought it would be very valuable to many people if I share it on here too. This was his brilliant Influencer Marketing strategy that added $100k in MRR to his business, enjoy: "How we added $100,000 MRR with...
  3. Panos Daras

    Upfluence Alternatives & Competitors. What platform are you using?

    Hello there lovely people! I just came out from a sales call with an Account Manager from Upfluence, an influencer marketing platform. The idea is to have people display my product to their audience to drive some sales, create awareness, and use this content as UGC for my website. The thing...
  4. ycee

    This strategy for us $100K+ in sales via influencers. Copy it for your own brand in 2023!

    Influencer Marketing is a black box. It can be overwhelming to figure out where exactly to start. After scaling a few influencer programs to $100K+ in sales… I came up with this 6-step-strategy that tells you exactly what to do to get started. Steal it #1 - Start with finding the right...
  5. ycee

    Struggling to get influencers to work with you? Try this unique “give first” method to flip that on its head.

    The first obstacle you would face with influencer marketing is actually getting creators interested in working with your brand. I like to use one simple line in my outreach to overcome this resistance. What’s that? "For no commitment on your end, I want to send you a special package with our...
  6. ycee

    What do you think about the future of influencer/ambassador marketing with the recession, downfall of ads, etc.?

    While having a content channel and email list is the best, I've observed that influencer marketing and related channels (affiliate, ambassador marketing) are taking off among both ecommerce and SaaS brands nowadays. I see two trends here: - Ads are not working as well as they used to. - The...
  7. ycee

    How to get your product in front of a targeted & enthusiastic audience (without wasting $$ on FB ads)

    Think about the energy at a massive stadium during a game. The people, the passion, the enthusiasm, the loud cheer for their favorite player... An image is worth a thousand words... Live this moment for a bit. Do you feel the energy? Now imagine your product is bought into the arena. Not...
  8. ycee

    Why my influencer marketing strategy didn't work and what I did to turn it around

    When I started doing influencer marketing for brands, I managed to get creators to say yes and onboarded them to our program. But they never generated the $ in sales that we desired. It was tough until I found out that you lose half the juice of your influence-partners if you don't do...
  9. ycee

    Here's how to reach a sold-out Madison Square Garden full of customers without expensive celebrity shoutouts

    I'm about to give you a secret weapon that will change the game for your influencer program and generate a lot of sales for your ecommerce store. (it's underutilized and underestimated by most). I call it the "Go small or go home" strategy. Nanoinfluencers are usually ignored by brands...
  10. ycee

    What's a fair amount to pay influencers for promotion? (and a warning)

    They all quote abnormally high prices, here's how to assess a fair fee. A warning to start ⚠️ Never ever pay for posts, especially when you're just starting out. A transactional sentiment reflects in the kind of content that the creator would create for your brand and their audience can smell...
  11. ycee

    Why Influencer Marketing doesn't work

    Most brands try influencer marketing but end up concluding it doesn't work. In most cases, it is for a very particular reason. They treat it like it's a celeb shoutout. It's surprising how many brands still think influencer marketing is about getting an Instagram model to pose with your...
  12. ycee

    How to get influencers to post about your brand, without paying $ upfront

    When you start doing influencer marketing, it's important to avoid the trap of pay-per-post. You will most likely end up losing money. It fosters transactional relationships and makes your influencer program perform poorly. The key is to get to know influencers, send them free product, and see...
  13. ycee

    The only solution to Facebook ads performance drop that worked for me (it's not TikTok)

    The ongoing privacy-related updates by Apple after iOS 14.5 have pretty much killed Facebook ads. This means Facebook’s data and tracking abilities are that much worse. This is why you see your ROAS is down, CPMs are up, Reach is declining, and conversions are decreasing. So how do you adapt...
  14. ycee

    Anyone running an Influencer Marketing program to grow their business? [Need Feedback]

    With customer trust moving towards independent influencers and FB ads getting worse, more and more brands are shifting towards Influencer marketing as a higher ROI channel to grow. If you are running an influencer program, you must've experienced all the problems that come with running one...
  15. LifeisSuffering


    Hi before i read TMF and Unscripted, i was thinking to start a business that "i love " but now i want a business that can serve people in my country, Algerie situated in North africa I did some research and i saw many influencer and business suffer from a lack of connection So i decided to...
  16. Andy Black

    Forbes article: How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years

    Incredible story and numbers. How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years And in 2019: Forbes named Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire ever. Haters disagree. What's your biggest takeaway? For me it's how big the numbers can be when you affect...
  17. Sascha Venus

    Can I turn my slowlane into a fastlane this way?

    Hi to all the forum members! I quickly wanted to share my story and ask for advice on my mindset & thinking. I'm a social media influencer with many thousands of followers throughout my channels. This is what I do for a few years now and since a few months as a business/job. I collaborate with...
  18. Lex DeVille

    Donation Influencer Marketing

    A couple months ago I ran an experiment with my secret YouTube channel (no that's not a hook, I won't be sharing that channel ever). I wanted to learn how livestream donations work, what the user experience is like, and what happens as a result of donating via livestreams from the perspective of...