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  • David,

    If you still want to attend B&P but don't have a ticket, check my latest thread.

    *I'd pm you but I don't know how anymore*
    Holy **** I'd kill 100 babies and another 50 five year olds to be 6'4 hahaha.

    Thanks! If you mean market size as the total number of people: The city and surrounding area is about 1.1 million. Big enough, plus there's oil money here and plenty of it that I can funnel my way hopefully. Pretty much the Saudi Arabia of North America
    How tall are you? I've been meaning to ask you that since I saw the pictures of you dressed as the hulk for halloween on facebook and you looked like a beast. lol

    I have not yet gotten my license and I am still debating. I may just keep investing and go that route. How has everything been for you? Are you back in the states yet?

    -G. Alexander
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