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  1. circleme

    My opinion on Google's new SGE and its influence on entrepreneurs

    Hi All, It's already been a few months since I initiated the discussion regarding AI & SEO, especially in the case of Google. I was self-employed as a Technical SEO Consultant before my Fastlane Journey and today I would like to share with you my opinion on the topic, specifically regarding...
  2. MTF

    Google Unveils New Search Generative Experience. Is SEO Dead?

    View: Once this is live globally, SEO will be effectively dead for most publishers. Look how much space this new tab takes. The entire above the fold will be gone. Who's going to scroll down to manually check search results? 95% of people will...
  3. Conor Foley

    Ex-Googler here to answer your questions...

    HOT! AMA 
    Hey all, I'm an Ex-Googler who's worked with more than 100 companies both B2B and B2C helping to generate millions in ad revenue. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can help! Conor
  4. Alfie321

    People who have experience with Auto ads Adsense

    Hey there guys, I have a website that's currently producing revenue. My niche is finance and I monetize through Ad sense. I'm using auto ads but that comes at a heavy price to the end user: the script is too damn unoptimized it is pushing my Google page experience metrics 30-40 points down...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Google unveils a new search algo: The Helpful Content Update

    As the title indicates, Google is unwrapping a new algorithm. Should you be concerned? Happy? Will 1000s of entrepreneurs awake to 90% less traffic and learn about the Commandment of Control the hard way? Of course, I'm...
  6. MapsandMeanings

    Google Algorithm Update Destroyed My Traffic - Need Expert SEO Advice

    Hello Everyone, About a year and half ago I started a side website after my The intent was for it to start as an affiliate blog site and then morph into an authority site with my own courses and such. February of this year it peaked at 8-10k impressions per day with...
  7. Senecal

    Google Analytics is DEAD… or is it?

    Warning: This is a braindump about Google Analytics issues and questions that arise from those issues. Also, I'm not a lawyer, so please consult with your lawyers about the related legal matters. Hey Fastlaners. As some of you know, Google announced they're officially retiring Universal...
  8. I

    How do I best monetize a Google Apps Script for Google Sheets?

    I have developed a useful Google Sheets script as a Google Apps Script (GAS). What's the best way to sell it? I know you can publish an add-on in the Google store but it seems that's only for free downloads? Or maybe I can set up a shopify website and have people download the script? But then...
  9. V

    Traffic from website halved, what should I do?

    According to Google Adsense stats, the views on my website have practically halved. Revenue, clicks, Impressions, decreased accordingly. It started yesterday, and continues today. The traffic remains stable. I also checked ad impressions on different devices - they are displayed as usual...
  10. seomatic

    The Internet is broken ... can we still win?

    I was reading this book The Ten Equations That Rule The World. And one of the Equation is essentially the algorithm used by most social networks these days. In short, if you got traction you will continue to grow but if you don't have traction you are invisible and there is pretty much no chance...
  11. H

    Google For Jobs Business Model

    Hello I have seen some company websites that offer Google For Jobs as a service. The companies charge a monthly fee of e.g. 29€, some even more. I want to understand what exactly the service is and how it works in the backend. My research so far has shown that you can get a Google For Jobs...
  12. Vigilante

    Google Product Listings are Now FREE "We recently announced that product results on the Google Shopping tab in the U.S. will consist primarily of free listings. This change has...
  13. Vigilante

    SELL Your Product on YOUTUBE

    I haven't quite figured this whole platform out yet, but seemingly now YouTube is allowing direct eCommerce conversions by synching your Google Product Feed directly to YouTube video ads and a call to action trigger/button. Has anyone experimented with this yet? Looks like the article was...
  14. Jemmalee


    I’ve downloaded FastLane on audible and have listened to 3 chapters. I’m a little bit ‘mind blown’ at the moment. So... not following passions. Something I thought I should be doing and why i was getting it wrong... Talking business, solving a problem. Creating a directory of “Find a ......”...
  15. BizyDad

    Beyond Google Analytics, What kind of tracking software do you use?

    I detailed my tracking methods here: But I don't know what I don't know. For example, lately I've been thinking that when I start an ecommerce store, I might want to move beyond Google analytics. I know there's other solutions out there that get more granular on a user basis. I did a...
  16. Drive2Riches

    Google search has now slowed me down!

    I look up terminology every day. Have you noticed what happened with Google this week? The searches now fill each result with (on the first line) a brand icon, the source URL, followed by the URL's keyterms or interior pages, and then an arrow dropdown to select "cached" ... and all this is...
  17. MTF

    Can You Escape the Giants in an Online Business?

    Virtually every online business model I analyzed recently relies to a large extent on one of the giants: Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Apple. It seems like with each year it's getting harder and harder not to base your online business on one of the big companies. Just to give a few examples...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    Did Google change their algorithm again?

    I'm hearing Google did another shift to their algorithm... Possum? If so, how were you affected?
  19. GetShitDone

    How To Advertise RESTRICTED Products On FB/Google? (Crypto)

    I have a client for my Digital Marketing Agency that wants FB/PPC Ads + A Sales Funnel website built. The problem? His product is a Crypto Trading Signal Indicator AKA a software that tells you if Bitcoin is going up or down and what trading decision you should take. Facebook/Google don't...
  20. Daniel A

    Crash Course Business

    Google sponsored Crash Course Business which will focus on "soft skills" for the first half and will last 17 weeks! :wideyed: I thought to myself I have to share the good news with my smart internet friends on The Fastlane Forum. Enjoy. :smile: View...

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