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  1. Tixolate

    We need some help...

    Greetings, I'm new to the digital business landscape and have recently ventured into e-commerce. Over the past four months, I've been working diligently on various aspects of my upcoming online store, including posting, designing, marketing, decorating, and pricing. Admittedly, I'm not a...
  2. smtlaissezfaire

    Package Design - Advice

    My product: I'm starting with a subscription product that I will mail to a customer, and that customer will mail back to me when done. I'm just starting out so have nothing - besides some leads and some early customers. Can you give any advice on package design? I'd like to keep costs minimal...
  3. raywhite

    Hello! Nice to meet you (designer/artist/money enthusiast)

    Hi, I’m an art director and graphic designer living in Nashville, TN. I have already learned so much from the Millionaire Fastlane (I’m halfway through) that I figured I should join the forum. Just curious, are there any fellow designers or artists out there? Would love to hear what you’re...
  4. Dems

    About Dems

    Hi there! I'm Emmanuel but also known as Dems. Am a web designer and UI/UX designer. I love designing applications and bringing ideas to reality. I have been reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" for a while now and I decided to join the community to meet like mind individuals and grow. I love...
  5. F

    Please rate my website's design

    Hello guys. I'm a web programmer, not a web designer. I would like to know if my website's design is aesthetic, so I want to receive some opinions about it. The website is not in English, but I just want to know if it looks pretty. I'm sure that aesthetic website is key to have succesfull brand...
  6. L

    Looking for a writer that can write comics series with good idea and help me to produce 2d cart animation

    Hello everyone, I have several 2d animation teams and I want to produce comics strip series that can attract a log of audiences. I am looking for a writer that can write scripts and storyboard for comics series to implement my project. Let me know if you have interested in it. Thank you
  7. Stan_

    Do most brochures suck? And would I be able to fix it?

    I've struggled to find a business idea for over 2 months now and I've ended up jokingly searching "Brochure design" through Keyword Planner (recommended by Demarco in his book, thank you) thinking "I'll just make some little brochures to make a living". In my surprise I found out that MANY...
  8. Paolo Pacheco

    ¿How importat is to you the appearance of your brand?

    So I'm doing some research for a Design Agency business of my own and I would like to know about your experiences when choosing and working with an Agency for Branding or Design purposes. 1. Why did you feel that it was necessary to hire a Design Agency? 2. What kind of objections and concerns...
  9. natansk1

    WordPress Dev & Design

    Hi, guys big-time lurker & starter of businesses that I never follow through with. I've worked for a digital agency that builds custom WordPress themes for the past 5 years. I solely work as a developer so I build from an Adobe XD design using, HTML, CSS, JS, ACF, CF7 & Yoast I tried to stay...
  10. dilooska

    Where are my sales? Help me find out

    Hello community, I started my entrepreneurship journey 2 years ago with selling products on Amazon FBA. After realizing that wasn't my passion, I decided to create a product for female entrepreneurs (which is my passion). I am now selling Canva templates on my website (on Shopify) and just...
  11. _Will_Taylor

    "Cool Branded" vs "Internet Marketing" look for low-ticket cold-traffic website?

    Hi Fastlane Forum, I'm putting together the website for a low ticket ($27) online course aimed at 18 - 25 year old gamers. I'll be driving traffic to the site from Facebook adverts. People with low attention span, who are in "entertainment mode", who just want to look around, want a few quick...
  12. khadush

    99% of client make this mistake when they hire a web designer or a design agency.

    I was thinking of writing this article for the last year, but I am not sure what was resisting me from writing this article. Maybe being a designer, I don't want to offend other designers too, or maybe I don't want to look highlighted by making the design community get angry at me. The reason...
  13. khadush

    Product designer here to serve and learn

    Hey, everyone my name Rohit. I am currently working as a UX designer in an CRO agency. I have worked on of different projects to improve the experience of the website as well as conversion. Now, that I am here I would know what type of problem you are facing regarding design and user...
  14. Seth G.

    (Opportunity) Free Professional UX/UI Work for your project

    Hey, fastlaners -- tl;dr: Professional UX/UI designers to work on your project for up to 6-months, no cost, but some caveats (see thread) One of my contacts is the founder of a high-end UX/UI Bootcamp ( They turn out professional UX/UI designers over the course of an...
  15. M

    From Idea to Reality: Progress Thread

    Hey guys, newcomer to the site (intro HERE). Thought I would start with a progress thread to keep myself accountable and so anyone interested can track progress. Where I started: So I've been a flight instructor for a couple years now and was set up to fly for the airlines. It's been a dream of...
  16. Implacabilis

    Idea to fully working prototype? Specialised Design Companies vs Manufacturers Directly???

    Hey folks! Like every entrepreneur on the planet, I have a design concept I would like to prototype or potentially put into full production. The concept is a design variation of a specialised sports bag offering a better user experience and more functionality. I knew this was going to be an...
  17. B

    WebSites with excellent design of the moment

    Hi guys, do you know websites with a great design this year? I need to take inspiration and maybe it can be useful for other users of the TFF community.
  18. HiGHPeR

    Get a higher converting website or landing page from

    Hey everyone! We're almost into summer and its that time of the year to launch those hot summer offers! Contact me today to schedule a free consultation, and lets see how can help you improve your overall ROI or FB ROAS and simply make you more money. We've been in the...
  19. VicFountain

    Hey! I'm a 19 year old guy

    Hi everybody. I'm a 19 year old guy. I've always been fascinated by entrepreneurship since when I was a kid. At 13, I started graphic design in the gaming community. After 2 years of practice, I began earning money. I could earn money then, and I can't earn money now that I'm even older! After...
  20. S

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    So, I think I've thought of an invention after following the advise in Un-scripted - (when you notice a problem / predicament / something that doesn't exist yet, then ACT!) The invention(product) is fairly simple in design (with range options) and I imagine easy to manufacture and produce -...

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