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  1. Eric.k13

    Can't continue with this insanity, i'm gonna lose it soon if i don't change something.

    Hello everyone, my "The Millionaire Fastlane" read was already a while ago, i started reading "Unscripted" but layed it off for a while before i came to the commandments once again, i tried some business with easy entries, using A.I. to create e-books, clipart and print-on-demand alltogether...
  2. O

    New path

    Hello. This is my first post. I will start with the fact that after reading some threads on this forum I just wanted to do something new. I always spent a lot of time playing video games, watching anime etc. and although I have a lot of fun doing it, I start to regret it more and more that I...
  3. Lex DeVille

    FTE's Are The Catalyst, Not the Change.

    Today you realize life is shit. You have no money. Your boss is an a**hole. You hate your job. Your family thinks you're a loser. You're drowning under a pile of debt. Your girlfriend left you for a real man with a real job and a real body or whatever. But unlike other days, today is different...
  4. LitaVK

    Lane Change

    Hey, I'm Nolita from Vancouver, Canada. I'm 23 and have recently begun my journey to becoming unscripted. Reading TMF entirely changed my outlook on the world and has made me realize the crazy potential out there which has encouraged me to shift away from the slow lane path I was on. I'm in my...
  5. Tourmaline

    Does how you view Free Will matter? - Free Will, Power, and Change

    The debate about free will is endless. Do we have free will? Do we not? It is ultimately an unprovable question, but our minds will still futilely attempt to answer it. We can prove both determinism and indeterminism. My conclusion is simple. We both do and do not have free will. Determinism...
  6. Aldomoro

    This Forum Broke Me

    And I'm thankful for it. Late last year I read Millionaire Fastlane, discovered this place and my perception of life changed completely. I was in my last year of college, counting the days until graduation. I found myself in a place I did not want to be in, preparing for a life I would come to...
  7. Senhyll

    Graphic Design or the struggle to make it fastlane

    Hello guys, I searched the forum without finding exactly what I am looking for so here’s my problematic. Apologize in advance for all my english mistakes, it’s not my mother tongue. I’m a 27 years old dude. It’s been 3 years that I’m working as a Graphic Designer in a small Gaming Studio. Most...
  8. astr0

    What is the most scary moment in your life?

    Those moments seem to have a huge impact on life, would be great if everyone could learn something from other's experience too. All mine have something to do with driving as I've used to drive like a reckless idiot when I was younger. This made me value my life more We were going on 5 car...
  9. G

    Being disgusted instigates change.

    Wow. Today I just found a piece of my pursuit of entrepreneurship beginning/infant stages . This quote was put on social media in 2016 EXACTLY 2 years ago from today. That was a LONG time ago for me. Here is the quote that later brought me to where I am today. May I remind you this was BEFORE I...
  10. R

    Motivation-she lost her arm, graduated as a nurse, and play violin

    she lost her arm, graduated as a nurse, and played the violin. Attraction of Manami Ito As a one-armed nurse and a paralympian swimmer, her indomitable spirit captured many audiences. We can't help but to share this inspiring video with everyone. Everyone faces difficulties and obstacles...
  11. Gutski

    Dad of 3 kids

    Hi fellas, I‘m a hard working Swiss dad trying to reorientate. I have a so called good job as head of controlling services but lately realized that I am trapped in the rat race. If I don’t change I will never be rich and never able to persue my passion. I wanna change „lane“ but I am a bit...
  12. Gepi

    Fastlaners of TFLF, what are the 3 main choices that led to your success?

    Greetings everyone, I am always very curious about successful people's habits and daily activities. Maybe some of you are willing to share the TOP 3, which could either be things you do daily or a choice you consciously made once. I am interested in the essence of what you think had or has the...
  13. AubreyJ

    I Need a Change & a New Business Venture

    This may be the wrong section, if so I apologize. A brief re-introduction, as it's been a long time since I posted a thread. I have been on this forum for a long time now, I signed up for this forum when I was in high school and had six figures in my bank account from investing in the stock...
  14. ErikKriebel

    How 1 decision changed my perception of life.

    Hi! Awesome that you read this, I am really excited to start this MFL journey! To get started I just want to tell you guys a short story on how I changed my perception of life... It's not even 3 years ago when I started to go to university, I thought this was the way to go and I was so proud...
  15. Riaan


    Hi Everyone. Just joined the forum. I bought the Audiobook about 2 years ago and while listening to this and some other inspirational/Entrepreneurial podcasts, i decided last year February to leave my job of 6 years in Operations for a manufacturing company and pursue property. I knew a friend...
  16. Hai

    Denial vs. Persistency

    There are these two opposing mindsets, I just can´t get my head around. "Change what isn´t working" vs. "Be persistent" For example, I´m learning code and programming apps for 7 months now, all by myself. A first sale is still in the distance. Am I just denying that something isn´t working. Or...
  17. mo3

    September 2017 | Onwards & Upwards

    I finished TMF yesterday. Today I attended my uncle's funeral with the few remaining members of my utterly dysfunctional ancestral family and I am totally, emotionally wiped out. Reading TMF has opened up a cobweb-covered box of dreams I shelved a long time ago. I am going to re-read TMF...
  18. tpjay

    To Pivot or Not to Pivot?

    Hello enlightened entrepreneurs, I am having a problem. I do not know when I should pivot or keep going with the business. Shutting down is not an option at this point because I don't want to give up since I know this will be a long and hard journey to bring value to people. I have begun to...
  19. AnAverageJoe

    30 year old sick of the rat race.

    Hey, I'm Brandyn. I'm 30 years old and I've been in the rat race since I was 16. My list of jobs since then include kettle corn cook/salesman at a roadside stand, retail worker at Macy's, overnight sorter at FedEx ground, retail worker at Ritz camera, valet, bellman, front desk agent, and now...