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Your top 5.... (new idea feedback)


New Contributor
Nov 20, 2019
Hey all!

Hope you're having an awesome day!

Thanks for all being so welcoming so far (only on week 2 here)!

So I have decided to go all in and triple down. One of my mentors told me recently "you're not watching the match, you're in the ring, which is a really good thing, and you're not the referee, which is also good, but you are throwing weak blows and we need a knockout!"

I knew exactly what he was saying, so here's my progress since inception of my idea last Monday.

BAMS (business and mindset summit).

To be held at an amazing venue in my city (1700 capacity) with an after party at the i360 Tower. (see pics)

The idea is to bring 5 different disciplines to encourage learning from previously untapped sources.
Speakers from the following 5 sectors will deliver a keynote speech: sports, entrepreneurship, internet/vlogger, music, and special forces.

My thought is that so many potential fast laners and unscripted sorts miss out because they are put off by the 'standard' business summit, which always seems to consist of a bunch of frustrating upsells, and turns away custom due to the information being given by an entrepreneur or business owner they have never heard of (If Snoop Dogg did a business summit, I bet a bunch of people that don't usually attend business summits would go).


New CO set up.

So far I have booked the first speaker (from a popular UK TV show on the special forces) and am in negotiations with the second speaker (from a VERY popular UK TV show about entrepreneurship). I have chose the particular speakers to approach because they are not your classic sales seminar types and I believe they offer amazing amounts of value for our audience. With this in mind, bringing some audience from the music sector who leave having learned something from all other sectors/speakers is something I love the idea of.

I have bootstrapped the venue deposit (£2.5k) by selling sponsorship packages to local and nationwide businesses and have meetings booked in for the next few weeks to continue to fill up all sponsorship spaces.

Domain, website, branding and logo all sorted.

Team put together.


So, my Q2U (sorry, couldn't help it) is:

If you could choose 5 speakers from the 5 sectors I have mentioned, who would they be and why?

Thanks for reading, and shout if I can help with anything in return! :)


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New Contributor
Nov 20, 2019
Sounds amazing actually, good job booking the speakers you've got so far! I don't have any advice to give but looks like you're gunna do great
Thanks for the kindness :)

Super excited about it - progress = win!

Hope you're well!

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