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Writing a Hopeful Book on Marriage/Divorce...

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New Contributor
Dec 7, 2021
Hi all and happy New Year!

First post and would like input on a book idea: Finished TMF and am inspired to write a book/workbook/memoir due to the quote "impact millions and make millions".

Since it is coming from a female's point of view, it will have vignettes of the good, bad, painful and funny of a marriage that ended up in divorce. What I do not want is for it to be a book on male bashing and agonizing over the grief of "he moved on so fast, he's a fill-in-the-blanks, etc. etc." I want it simply to be a book of hope for women and men (who it possibly may be interested in the wife's POV) on the do's and don't in a marriage. What could have been done to prevent it or provide better insight from a voice after the dust has settled.
I have 20 years of experience (meaning was married) so I am an subject matter expert ;). AAaaaand it comes from the Christian perspective. Please don't let that turn you off... See that's the thing that turned me off with divorce-esque books. It was generalized sprinkled with bible verses and no one wants to really admit where they messed up. I pretty much laid it out and wrote it so that should my grandkids read it, they will understand why grandma has hiccups :rofl:

I had gone through similar books and websites and the one thing I really dislike is the lack of hope and inspiration (without the loathing) of like "I am woman, hear me roar" after a break up. The women (am guilty) are losing their softness, their femininity after speaking of a breakup... I really want to lovingly say to women that respecting your husband is the key to a marriage and even if it does not work out, continue loving.

So I have about 30K word manuscript draft waiting to pull the trigger for an editor on Fiverr (but question on the quality there).

And how to scale? Once published, I hope to inspire those who have read it to write their own story and get it published and monetize on their labor of love. So that's where the workbook part comes in. In my head it sounds great but don't know quite if it will be received as informative.

Would love any feedback because I have been stalling! Kept this project from family and friends because I am not ready for the negatives. However, you all can provide valuable input from an unbiased perspective!!!

Thank you!
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
I like the idea, however, as an author myself, the struggle doesn't pertaining to a great book that is well written, but being a great marketer who establishes a platform and a personal brand. Does this interest you?


New Contributor
Dec 7, 2021
I like the idea, however, as an author myself, the struggle doesn't pertaining to a great book that is well written, but being a great marketer who establishes a platform and a personal brand. Does this interest you?
Wow, I got a message from "the" MJ, I feel honored :smile2:.

No seriously, your book has transformed my way of thinking! Stuck in a government job for the last 2 decades and you are absolutely right, there is no dreaming big in that world as there is a cap. I will never life the lifestyle I want to live by the time I retire. I did all the Roth, 401, 457 max, allocate, etc. the stuff your book really poked fun at but I sooooo get it!

Back to your point; totally understand and the "marketing" really is what I am stuck on. I don't know how much of me I can give because it is such an exhausting process of writing. It was painful but I found comfort. My vision for the book is really meant to inspire introverts like me to find a voice and share to an audience that is hurting and broken. My story may not speak to the reader but hopefully someone who read my book and are inspired to share their story can create the domino effect. We all have stories worthy of sharing. It's just the right audience, right?

I do plan to have an online community as well that can help navigate health, wealth, and a solution and potentially be a place to self-publish rather than on Amazon.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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