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  1. GabbyO

    Book Recommendation

    Hello guys, I am looking for any Sales books that you can highly recommend! Any industry is fine, as long as it is about sales in general. Also, any other books that you can recommend or that have impacted your life in any way are welcome :smile:
  2. The One

    Books about Overcoming Addictions

    Tell me books and threads that talk about overcoming addiction
  3. Roli

    I Wrote A Book About Self-Sabotage and I Think I'm On To Something....

    I'm writing a book on how to arrest self-defeating behaviours (Shut up Colin, working title) and my reviews back from my editor and beta readers are pretty good so far. I did think I was onto something when I started but as usual I started to doubt myself. It's nice getting some validation, but...
  4. O

    Books about the importance of time.

    I've been really wanting to understand the importance of time. I know the surface level things that entrepreneurs should know (ie time is more valuable than money, how to make returns on your time etc) but I can't seem to find good books talking about how a man should use his time, what things...
  5. srodrigo

    Technical books and courses, good or bad idea?

    Hey, TL;DR Has anyone had any success writing technical books (specially software development books) and courses? I'd like to see how other people are doing in this space. Longer version I've been studying this for a while, trying to see whether it's a viable strategy for make FU-money...
  6. MRiabov

    Any good self-management books?

    Sup. So I've been recently noticing that when I sit down to work, I sit, but although I am very determined to work, I am willing to do quality work, I have the mindset of helping people, I am accomplishing little. I am doing quality work. It's not "perfectionist" - but I am following my own...
  7. Domis

    Reading The ENTIRE MJ's Recommended 101 Book List

    I was watching PBD podcast yesterday and there was a challenge he put up: Read every well-rated Business, Finance, Human Relation and Psychology book you can find on Amazon. I kind of tweaked the challenge for myself and am going to do this: Read Every single book from @MJ DeMarco 101...
  8. Stan_

    BAD advice you wish you did NOT hear

    I saw some threads here about good advice, books, habits etc. that people wish they read / heard about earlier. I am actually curious about the opposite. What BAD advice, BAD books, BAD habits etc. did you wish you never read / heard about ? I think that achieving what you want is more times...
  9. D

    How to fully understand 1 thing at a time instead of juggling

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school graduate currently working as a senior founding MLE for a company. There are so many things I feel I need to learn in order to improve my skills and grow in general. However, I find it tough to focus on one thing at a time. In my life, I want to make progress in...
  10. sofia.elizarova

    Any great podcast or book recommendations?

    As I'm reading The Millionaire Fastlane's chapter about learning, I'm realising that I can really squeeze a little more learning into my daily activities (Toilet University anyone?). I'm a 20 year old co-founder of a generative AI startup. Do you have any recommendations for great books and...
  11. MRiabov

    Top 3 books that have changed my life(and will yours)

    1. The Way Of The Superior Man - it's a practical guide for men on how to become spiritually and mentally. You will see the relationship between men and women like never before. Note: this book is very valuable, but I know no one who understood it on the first run. Myself included. This book...
  12. Dr. Goldenage

    Are these books worth reading ?

    Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed.: The Definitive Book on Value Investing Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week! The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Rich Dad Poor Dad: What...
  13. MJ DeMarco

    When someone says, "I've read 30,000 books" they are lying.

    If someone started reading books at age 16 and they currently were 45 years old, how many books would they need to read PER DAY in order to read 30,000 books total?
  14. mikecarlooch

    I Read 200 Books, Why Am I Not a Millionaire?

    I feel like I need to throw this commitment out there into the universe to make it seem more real. And anyone who wants to do this challenge with me, I'll call it the 1 for 10 challenge. From now on, reading = entertainment. If you're reading something and it is not going to help you solve...
  15. MJ DeMarco

    What are some good books on customer service?

    What are some good books on customer service? (This is a test of the forum's new AI-bot)
  16. DanielWarren

    Best books for e-commerce/ online stores

    Hey everyone, I am just about to purchase some books on e-commerce and how to scale an online business and thought I would post to see if anyone has any recommendations? Thank you in advanced.
  17. SchmittlingC

    Wife Wants To Start A Brick And Mortar

    My wife wants to start a Brick and Mortar and I want to show my support. She is VERY new to anything business and I’m looking for a good book I can get her that helps to explain some very basic information about starting a business (Permits, forming an LLC, taxes, commercial rental space, small...
  18. stefanlazar

    In case you forgot: the acronyms in Fastlane.

    While reading the book I had moments when I forgot what some acronyms mean and since there isn't a place where all of them are listed, I did it myself: FIRE = Financial Independence, Retire Early ULL = Uncontrollable Limited Leverage CUL= Controllable Unlimited Leverage WAF= Wealth...
  19. Gregory Diehl

    Seeking Beta Readers For A Book On Rental Property Investing

    I'm looking for a few beta readers for a book my company is producing about building wealth through rental property investing in America. Please comment below or message me if your interested in leaving some critical feedback on all or part of it, and I'll give you access to the shared Google...
  20. Gregory Diehl

    Seeking Beta Readers for a Book on Rental Property Investing

    I'm looking for a few beta readers for a book my company is producing about building wealth through rental property investing in America. Please comment below or message me if your interested in leaving some critical feedback on all or part of it, and I'll give you access to the shared Google...