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World Poverty/Immigration

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)


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Aug 28, 2014
Poland / Belgium
From the moment I see "Al Gorian" techniques to make a point, I'm out. You can make a documentary about everything like that, especially about just another doomsday.

Fear sells.


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Jan 26, 2017
Kolkata, India


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Oct 8, 2017
Yeah it was a solid presentation.

The truth is that immigration was never about humanitarian reasons. That's nuts and completely avoids the question: "why has country X ended up rich over the same time period country Y ended up poor?". The humanitarians usually clutch for various ways of blaming "historical evil and oppression". Of course, doesn't apply to Turkey or Mongolia, for instance, because they don't fit the narrative.

The real reason was and still is very simple: to the upper class, the bottleneck on profits is labour costs. Allowing 1 million immigration does no humanitarian benefit (like that guy said, that number is immediately replenished and then some from the source), but it does do benefit to profits. And to prevent labour unions (the traditional role of the left) interfering with that, they overwrote the left with a more symbiotic version (the cultural "ism" left).

That video was in 2010. No doubt people like him contributed to overthrowing them in the 2016 election. Well done. Good man.

Meanwhile, while the foreign H1Bs are getting their 100k+ a year:
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Platinum Contributor
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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)


Mar 11, 2017
New Jersey
Money has to flow to the lower classes to make a good economy for everybody. If at some point there's companies making crazy amounts of money and they are not creating wealth for others, everyone will suffer. Because the middle and lower classes are the ones who are bigger in numbers, and they move the economy forward.
If they don't earn enough to buy stuff, to whom those companies are going to sell the stuff they are doing? Crazy...

The minimum wage is a joke, no one can live with a minimum wage salary.

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