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Why I am not getting the results I want. Do you have this problem too?

Anything related to matters of the mind


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Oct 30, 2017
Los Angeles
Over the last few weeks I have had a moment of understanding why I am not getting the results I want. And I suspect this is a commonly shared problem.

I have a career in biology, specifically wildlife and conservation. However, I am not satisfied with my salary and experience. And I realized that the reason for this is I have been very short-sighted with my success. This is also true with my fastlane efforts. What I mean is, when it comes to my career I have only wanted or was content being some low level technician or even possibly just some low-mid level supervisor. I never looked beyond that. Why have I never thought about being a director of an organization or some other higher position? When I translate this to the fastlane the same thing occurs.

I tell myself, I would be happy if I could make a few thousand extra a month rather than saying I want to be a millionaire. Or that I could become a millionaire. By not expecting big success I have subconsciously accepted less. What does all this mean? It means that, since I do not envision myself successful, or rather, that I am capable of it, I put in a half-assed effort. I am content with a little success. Since I do not know what big success feels like, and have not made a big sum of money before, maybe a part of me does not believe I could do it. What all this does is causes you to make half-assed efforts and half commitments. In other words, by not believing you can become a millionaire or that you can reach a top position in your industry you don't do the work that is required. To become a millionaire you have to make a millionaire's effort. You have to go all in and be committed. You have to avoid jumping around with different ideas all the time and just focus on learning and becoming good at one thing (at least in the beginning).

And I learned something else. And that is, my mindset and my self-image is not healthy enough. If a part of you cannot believe you can be successful or that you do not deserve success then there is something you need to figure out. What experiences did you have that made you feel you could not be something great? What people told you that you could not be successful? It is wise to go inside yourself and visit these feelings and find the source.

Anyway, this is just another thread that pretty much echos what has been said on this forum many times. And that is, having the correct mindset is important to your success. Without even knowing it in the past I was holding myself back.
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Jun 29, 2018
Leeds, UK

What can we do about I?

Esteem. Worth. Fear.
Getting what you want means overcoming this shit..your mind.

We cannot save you....Unless you are afraid of making a decision and what may happen?

Andreas Thiel

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Aug 27, 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany
A mindset tweak that can help with that can be found in "So Good They Can't Ignore You".

There is a part about how value lies in the adjacent possible. That goes well with The Millionaire Fastlane mental model because it addresses the Commandment of Entry and tunes your focus in just the right way.

It is then not so much about confidence and feeling deserving, it becomes a matter of process - what should you look into next to get closer to the cutting edge of a field.

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