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Brad Fisher

New Contributor
Feb 13, 2018
Glens Falls
Here is my two sense. Not that anyone cares, haha. After reading both books, I realized this information would piss off the majority of my friends and family. It didn't really anger me. What angers me is the brainwashing of American citizens.

I agree with MJ on almost everything his books uncover. Here's the thing....Being around poor people is the pits. People who don't have money are generally toxic human beings with zero happiness. They sabotage relationships, kill dreams, and spend all their time stressed out about other people's actions that have nothing to do with them.

To top that off, most affordable neighborhoods are in inner cities, socioeconomic war zones with zero opportunity. The working class, the government parasites, the drug dealers. Look I get it. I knew what MJ's points were before reading his book. I have tried to wake poor people up to this so we, together could form a TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More, right.

But waking poor people up to reality is something they can't understand or don't even want to. These neighborhoods will eat you alive. And yet they are affordable. But there seems to be no way out. It's easy to save money once you have enough money coming in. But if you are trying to live on $400 a week, and get through a war zone of a neighborhood on a daily basis...From my experience you can kiss your dreams goodbye. The only thing you have time to think about is how to get through the day.

On top of all this, everyone in my life has been obsessed with telling me I have pipe dreams, its impossible to get rich, be realistic, and all this god damn bullshit. These so called friends and family would be the very ones I thought I would be sharing my blessings with should I someday attain wealth. But I'm literally banned from being friends with them unless I settle for The "Scripted" Life. Frankly, I don't know what in sam hill they are thinking. They insist they haven't been brainwashed, that I am the crazy one?

Check it, the 401k scam that was exposed in 2008. My father, an accountant comes to me as his is tanking along with everyone else's. After quitting television, and reading 67 business and personal development books in a year and a half. I said without hesitation, pay the penalty and buy Apple. Although he is a boomer that has lived a "Scripted" life, he knew I was his best bet at the time.

My stock pick secured my families fortune, avoided the 50% loss of net worth in most American Household's. And instead of cutting back, they have enjoyed roughly 60 vacations in the past ten years. Now I know some of you might be thinking this is a smart kid. He probably has a good life. That would be false. I'm unemployed after going into business with my father as an eBay and Amazon seller. I'm 37 and I have nothing set aside for my retirement. I have a severe alcohol problem, zero friends left. I haven't had sex in years. And I have never been on a vacation. BTW, I'm my entire extended families black sheep. I hate my life, getting sick of America, have no purpose, am extremely depressed on a daily basis.

It's like great, nobody wants me to live my purpose, but yet they want whats best for me? I am a social guy, I like people in my life. But I'm alone because I don't believe in secure jobs and 401ks. MJ you told the brutal truth, a truth deep down I always knew. Everything you say is true. But people are miserable as a result of this system. The American Dream is not alive and well. Employees are underpaid, with no time to enjoy their lives, and it just makes for an unhappy society. America is broken and so am I. Thanks to those who read. I could use some real friends. -Brad Fisher.

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Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher

New Contributor
Feb 13, 2018
Glens Falls
The price for success may be high. But failure simply becomes intolerable. Job's have provided me with a feeling that homelessness is right at my doorstep. But when you fail so many times, it becomes your identity. The identity that everyone else in your life is comfortable with. Their love for me is dependent on me being the failure. Nobody is coming out and saying it. But the insinuation is "we don't believe in you." The pain is unbearable. Everyone that's ever come into my life has attempted to steal my dreams. Starting right from K-12.

What kind of society have we created that tells people to give up? What kind of society have we created where no one is happy for another's success? IT MAKES ME SICK. "People want you to get by, they just don't want you to get by them." Orwin Woodward.

You start having goals, you start having a fire up under your a$$, you start building a life worth having, expect everyone around you to try and bring you down. Society may have beat the shit out of me. But I'm not going to succumb to shattering someone else's dream. I refuse to be a hater. The educational system failed you. If you want to get mad at something, write Washington DC. Don't take it out on each other. America has become a nation of arguers, and its deteriorating right before our eyes. Everyone points out what is wrong. But no one is peddling solutions. And if someone does have a solution, there are a million people lined up to tell you it won't work.


MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
You're worried about the wrong thing.

You should be worried about becoming a better person.

A nation with better people will become a better nation.

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