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traders tax planning???

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Nov 12, 2007
suburbs of savannah in Ga
anyone have any ideas on where to look for info on this... i mean like really detailed info. i need to do the research myself.(I likely wont do my own returns as they get more complex but i need to know what to expect and what to look out for!)

I am looking to day trade for quite some time and really need to know what im getting myself into as much as possible with taxation and how the money is treated, what % of tax I will need to pay ect...

I honestly dont think that any of the accountants I speak with will know the real deal about forex trading rules. when people "think" they know something they really dont thats really dangerous... ive caught several mistakes accountants have made on returns of mine(way more basic then what i need now) and so now i dont really trust them anymore, honestly lol...

any ideas?

sorry i didnt realize there was a tax forum here too! LOL

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