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  • Hello, just getting my bearings in here and came across a fellow Virginian.

    All the best!
    Hey I am just outside of Orlando. Sorry for the late reply I didn't even see this until just now. Are you in town? What is your schedule like?
    Feel free to PM me or e-mail me ( if you're stuck on stuff. Happy to help if I can.
    Buying in Dallas mostly now. Looking into parts of Florida. Read the latest post on that thread- I outlined a couple of deals I'm doing now. thx! -Lauren
    I've been away for a while, but I'm hoping to visit the forum more regularly from now on. I just wanted to let you know that I love this forum and I admire you for your achievements. All the best!
    Hey just to reply, this is a true process I've developed myself over the course of a year working with around 100 keywords. SEO is a lot of mumble jumbo theories, "do's" and "do not's" - but in my process I've included the ones that work the best for this one type of application: basically link building, back links, quality content, keyword density and meta tags.
    Andres, can ya PM me a paragraph about Palmera? I created a forum wide "SPONSOR" announcement. Thx!
    Your rep comments are friggin' hilarious! ... I would love nothing more than to create a web development/motivational speaking empire with you. roflol!
    Long time, no talk!! I guess that is what happens when we get so busy !!!
    How did the equipment sale go? Are you working on round II?
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