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May 19, 2019

In the recent times, have been doing a little bit of research into what people do to make money online and everywhere i turn all i see is FOREX TRADING, DAY TRADING, BINARY OPTIONS and all. In fact there seems to be a dozen online brokers offering signup discounts and affiliate marketers telling you how they made millions trading.

My concern now is that with the advent of this rush, does it not seem like an impending doom of sorts - i remember the gold rush, the wall street rush with their sad ending outcomes.

What do you think about it?

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Sep 17, 2013
The Ozark Mountains
I think your seeing those type of bottom feeders come out because of a specific kind of affiliate program.

Say I set myself up as a wealthy trader on instagram, flash my fake rolex, ride in my rented rolls, perhaps take "my" lambo around the block (in vegas where an hours rent is like 250) and show you my fat wads of cash.

Once you are hooked I tell you that you can make money easy all you have to do is follow my the broker I tell you about...a broker that has offered me 50% of your deposit (with you having to trade 10X the amount you deposited to be able to withdraw.

Here is the truly sweet shit, part i'm not even a trader, the "signals" you are getting come from the broker itself.

I've seen this kind of affiliate trader scam run over and over and over.....I'd guess that one guy could run 40 or 50 instagram pages with the same pictures just different names and few of his victims will ever come across one of his other pages.

There are legit traders who are selling also are selling their systems but without fail "signals" are a fools game where the fools part with their cash.


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Nov 18, 2019
Speaking of gold rush...
How do you make money during a gold rush?
Selling shovels.
That's why you see so many people selling products and services on Forex trading.
Don't get fooled. If you had an edge, an strategy or system that could give you an advantage on the market, why would you sell it? The most it is used, the less you can extract from the market. You'll be better off attracting investors for your account and leveraging yourself with their money - a win-win arrangement. So, don't get involved with "ready, just press the button" solutions. Use your resources to learn and understand this business by yourself. There are some good books and introductory courses over there, but this is only the start. You'll have to figure it out, mostly, by yourself.
Good luck and success!


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Oct 6, 2016
Forex is what you get into when you are reaching Rock bottom
Its no different than MLMs, where 99% of the people involved are losing money, but they portray themselves as balling, financially independent hustlers
Its a joke

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