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The link between exercise and success

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Anything related to matters of the mind


New Contributor
Jan 8, 2011
We’re living in competitive times. Exercise can give you an edge to help you succeed in today’s business world. In life, principles of success never change. The same qualities that it takes to win in sports helps you win in business. High achievers understand the importance of exercise and proper diet because the same mentality applies to success.
The benefits of exercise can be seen in the mind, body and spirit. Here are six reasons why exercise will help you succeed in business:

1. Increased Energy – Do you ever get tired at the end of business day? Ever wonder why some people seem to have boundless energy? More often than not, if you study high-energy people you will find that they eat healthy foods and they make time for exercise. Becoming the best you can be in any industry requires the extraordinary energy to take it to the next level. Studies have been done to prove that exercise fights fatigue and boosts energy. If you feel too tired or over-worked to exercise, you probably need more exercise.

2. Sharper Mind – Have you ever been in a long meeting where you were having trouble concentrating or brainstorming the next great idea? Those who achieve greatness approach every challenge as a problem to be solved. This takes mental energy as well as physical energy. Exercising increases both.

3. Valuable Associations – The gym can be a great place to meet people. Typically you find driven, energetic people at the gym. As I noted in my earlier blog on the value of networking, the connections that you make and the network that you build are essential components of success. Next time you are at the gym, start up a conversation with the person on the treadmill next to you. You never know where that introduction will lead.

4. Look Good, Feel Good - People usually want to do business with folks who feel good about themselves. It’s amazing how much confidence we built up when we feel good about the way we look. You may find that getting in shape gives you the boost of confidence to achieve other goals as well.

5. Lower Stress Level - Exercise has been proven to relax the body and mind, improve cardiovascular system, bring in more oxygen and lower blood pressure, just to name a few health benefits. Exercise reduces stress on a physiological level and it also gives you an outlet for pent up tension. If you take your stress out at the gym, on the tennis court or with a nice long jog, you will be less likely to take it out on a spouse or your children.

6. Get More Out of Your Personal Life – The increased stamina that comes with exercise will actually give you more quality time with your family and friends. Having the energy to play with your kids or go out with your spouse or friends will mean a more dynamic personal life. Having a fulfilling life outside of work will increase your energy and motivation to succeed at work.
Most people are very busy working to pay the bills and raising a family. It’s easy to feel like there is no time for exercise. The reality is that by fitting regular exercise into your life, you will improve many other areas of your life. Learn to push yourself to the next level in fitness and you may find yourself at the next level of success.
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Bronze Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Feb 23, 2009
Wichita, Kansas
Hello Patrick and welcome to the forum. I agree that there is a direct correlation between working out, motivation, productiveness,and self esteem. Thanks for the post.

Please take the time to post an introduction along with your entrepreneurial interests. If you start digging through the threads, you'll find a wide range of topics covered here. An intro. helps find members with common interests and stir discussions.

We do ask that new members refrain from posting product links until the community gets to know them better. This cuts down on spamming. (note: blogs are fine)

Welcome again to the forum and thanks for contributing!.

Good luck in the Fastlane! :fastlane:

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