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Jan 2, 2019
Hello everybody,

Let me quickly introduce myself and give you a quick overview of what kind of guy I'm.


I'm a 30+ year old male from Switzerland. I kind of did the usual mediocracy path here. I made an apprenticeship as an electronic technician, so I'm quite familiar with reading electronic schematics, soldering and knowing why and what is on a typical electronic board. Here I worked a great lot in Sensors, Actors, RFID, project management in many different companies.

Many years later I began studying mechanical engineering where I've graduated 2+ years ago, specialized in Automation / Mechatronics and IoT. For those who don't know IoT, it basically combines mechanics, electronics, software and the web to connect basically every physical widget you can imagine to the internet. But I'm sure many of you guys are familiar with it but feel free to PM me if having a question.

After graduation, I've started a job as an Applications Engineer in a consulting firm. I'm now quite familiar to create Fullstack WebApps using PHP / React / MySQL / MSSQL / Apache / Typescript. I've hustled for a bit with React-Native which lets you create mobile Apps for both OS and Android.

So I consider myself as a technical all-rounder with mixed experiences that helps to get a big picture overview of technical devices and also had my experience widely spread out. If you think, that any of this knowledge could be helpful for you, PM me anytime.

Now for my FTEs.

I had multiple FTE in my life. Almost in any Job, I had one, where my solution to the FTE was to quit my job and find a new one.

Life was good after this until the next FTE in my new Job. And so on and son.

Until I thought the solution was to get an engineer's degree so ppl take me more seriously. How wrong I was.

After successfully graduating and now having more freedom in my job ( correlating of course with more responsibilities ) a new FTE reached me. This was about 1 year ago. After this FTE I knew, the ONLY way out of this loop is NOT climbing the corporate ladder or adding another education on top of what I've already acquired. I knew I had to go my own way.

Since then I'm looking constantly for new ways to improve myself, to reduce stress and mental engagement at my current day time job and ways to one day leave this FTE Loop for good.

What that meant is, that I've reduced greatly my mindless Netflix binges, my hanging around on Social Media, oh and most of all, my excessive drinking on WE which made me just dumber, more obedient and overall just a worse person. Including that I reduced some company I kept and so on. I removed tons of other stuff from my life that only caused me to worry, friction or made me distracted.

I also started to regularly work out again, eat healthily, reduce simple sugars, getting enough sleep even during WEs, reading tons of books and recently started audiobooks next to my usual podcasts and so on. I included meditations in my life which changed a lot how I perceive the world. Doing cold showers inspired by Wim Hof is a thing, I hate to do it right now during winter here but after doing them I feel so damn great every time. I'm also experimenting with supplements and want to experiment with some other substances as well in the near future.

I also started challenging myself a lot more in putting myself out of the comfort zone in different situations, having unpleasant conversations and just basically be bold whenever and wherever I can. I'm done with living ordinary and letting opportunities slip by me like I were immortal and would live forever and therefore can wait to just somehow get magically lucky.

All the above steps improved myself, my life, my happiness and well being so much and I'll continue

How did I find this place?

MJ's first book was recommended on Amazon on a review from Remit Sethi's Book "I teach you to be rich". I think it's also the review MJ mentioned in one of his books. From there one thing leads to another.

I'm grateful for having found this Forum where like-minded people share their experiences and can help each other out. It reminds me of my old gamer days, where I hang out on forums and people all over could exchange experiences and information with each other. Kind of missed that.

My next steps?

I'm sure to continue my path in self-improvement in all sorts of different fields, wherever they lead me.

On the business side, I've got a few Ideas on what to do, but none of them have convinced me fully so far or are not a CENTS Model. However, sooner or later I'll just start to do one or the other, only to get the ball rolling somewhere.

Until then I'll work on my day time job and I'm sure to visit the Forum and post/help wherever I can. I've already lurked enough in here that changed a great lot on my perspectives and added knowledge to myself. Also thanks to MJ's Books I'm also walking around on the earth with different sets of ears and eyes. That is, to be open for all sorts of different needs / wants from other people.

Hope to get in touch with you guys and see how we can help each other out!


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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you're well on your way.

Don't be afraid of starting something that doesn't conform to the CENTS model. Success right out of the gate is unlikely even for the best laid plans, so your best bet is to start moving and build momentum.


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 2, 2019
Hi @lowtek

Thank you very much for your reply. I almost lost hope that anyone will reply to my long post and you definitely made my day!

Don't be afraid of starting something that doesn't conform to the CENTS model. Success right out of the gate is unlikely even for the best laid plans, so your best bet is to start moving and build momentum.

You're absolutely right and I'm glad you've reminded me of that!

I'll definitely focus now to launch one of the apps idea that I have as soon as possible. And with the right mindset, that it probably isn't a CENTS model and giving myself definitive permission to fail and pivot out of it, I have nothing to lose and only room to gain.

The good thing about these ideas is, that no matter if somebody other than me will use the app, I know that I still can use it for my own use cases which puts me in a definitive winning situation. And who knows what will grow out of it!

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