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Tekel Syndrome, Choosing a Business and Executing

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New Contributor
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Sep 30, 2020
New Jersey
Hello All,
I’m feeling stuck and looking for some help/advice. I first read The Millionaire Fastlane back in the Fall of 2020. I then proceeded to read Unscripted immediately and the Great Rat Race Escape as soon as it was released. It is not reaching to say that these books completely changed my mindset and how I approach my life, goals, and ambitions.

I believe fully in these principles and want to introduce them into my life as soon as I can. I currently have a job as an engineer making decent money but am not fulfilled by it, dread going to work, and I want to make a much larger impact with my time on earth. I want to impact millions.

The problem is I am having trouble executing. More specifically, I am having trouble choosing a business to go after and taking the first steps. In the past, I’ve struggled with what MJ refers to as “Tekel Syndrome” in TMF by “course collecting.” I’ve purchased courses on Web Development, Sales, Amazon FBA, Blogging, Facebook Ads, Videography, Affiliate Marketing, and more. My problem is that I’m interested in everything and each time I see a new course, I develop a new interest but never truly commit to it. I also worry that each of these violates one of the CENTS commandments which makes my commitment falter.

I have a whole list of business ideas (mostly web based) but don’t really know how to take the first steps to execute them since I only know the basics of web development and programming. And I don’t think I have the capital to hire a web developer to make the websites/apps.

This year, I want to stop action-faking. I want to stop rereading MJ’s books without taking action. I want to stop course collecting. I want to pick a business and commit to it.

What advice do you guys have on picking a business model, getting started, and committing even if you don't feel you have the knowledge or resources required?
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Kelvin Fernandez

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Speedway Pass
Jan 26, 2016
Rice, Texas
Keep reading the forum. Your question has been answered a thousand times. Search the forum for "shiny object syndrome" "chasing money" "procrastinating" "action faking"

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