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Staring a Business while Depressed

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Oct 16, 2018
Not sure if this is the right section to ask, but I wasn't sure where else it fits.

Have any of you been able to successfully start a business while depressed? I've mentioned a few times throughout the site but I am in a soul crushing slow lane right now and I desperately want to get out. I don't want to just jump to another slow lane job, but I'm in such a fog right now I can't even figure out what to do or how to start. I have been stuck in the limbo of trying to think of ideas and how to execute, but also barely surviving because I'm exhausted after working 55-60 hours a week. Long story short, I was given a mountain of new responsibility but they went back on the compensation I was promised, so it's about 30% less than I've been told for the past 6 months.


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Mar 24, 2021
London, UK
because I'm exhausted after working 55-60 hours a week.
I’ve been there. 80h weeks when you added the commute. All that for £30k/y pre tax.

I used to fall asleep to Gary Vee yelling “what do you do after your job?”

Well, I’m fu**%ing sleeping.. I need to :rofl:

I’m not sure the reason you’re depressed, but I was because of my job.

I’m only seeing 3 main ways out of this.

1. Slowly grind a bit after work, which might take a long time to get something running.

2. Get a better job.
I know you’ve mentioned you don’t want another slow lane job, but the change might be worth it.

3. Save up your monthly expenses for some months and a similar amount for starting something.

Even if you end up with small results, you can try again and again.

Number 3 is what I did.
Saved up for 6 months of my expenses + some for testing my ideas.

I failed at replacing my income. I spent a lot of time just enjoying being free. It helped me. I failed at replacing my income, yes, but my small business was making £30/day without any more input from me.( Maybe 1h/ week)

I went back to the same job, with the same employer, and saved up the money to try again, but faster this time( because of that small £30/day)

Done the same again, and I decided to do the same type of business and try to go for the £100/ day total between businesses so I could replace my income.

Done that, and I went back to the job again. Now, at this point you might consider it counterintuitive to go back, but I decided I needed to do the same again while I can save up even more to try again.

Saved up, but this time it only took me half the time for the same amount but I went with the regular schedule so I ended up with 12 months of expenses saved.

That’s when I decided I’m never going back. The next 4 months I spent working on a project. Launched November, and I made £100k in a single month . ( black friday and other sales)

I used the money to fuel other businesses, some which have failed terribly.

I still get my £100/day from those 2 projects started while working. My living expenses never changed.

Maybe I cannot take a business to 5 figures / month at a constant rate,

But I can definitely take a business to £30/ day.

Some might laugh at my strategy. At the moment I’m fine with multiple businesses making less with low input, than 5 figures that would require more of my time.

edit: looking back, it looks pretty straightforward. It wasn’t. Especially when people are telling you £30/day is a failure.

I really wish you the best
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Jan 10, 2012
San Diego, CA
Have any of you been able to successfully start a business while depressed?

I would highly urge anybody going through depression or any mental health problem to find a solution ASAP. Either seeking help or through self help. It will put you at a severe disadvantage.

Natural supplements, meditation, exercise, nature or diet can help.

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