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New Contributor
Nov 6, 2007
I was approached last night by a Board member of the Motion Picture Association of Utah, asking if I could help him organize a Speedpitching-type Event for local filmmakers. He would really like to connect these filmmakers with investors, distributors, directors, editors, etc. to help them get their projects off the ground. Funny thing is, that's the Mission of my company as well.
  • The things we would need to educate the investors on are: the film industry, how a distributor works, risk factors, and the American Jobs Creation Act.
  • The things we would need to educate filmmakers on are: Presenting their management team and their track records, market and industry statistics, competition statistics, and "traction" (i.e. Letters of Intent from distributors or key cast members/personnel) -- not just pitch their idea.
How do we educate the investors about investing in the film industry (and still get them to invest), and how do we prepare the filmmakers to make their presentations to not only investors, but producers, directors, etc? Also, what seems reasonable to charge for such a service?

I'm also thinking about inviting investors, producers, directors, etc to the event via webcam, so that out-of-towners would have the opportunity to contribute as well.

(BTW, the film industry in Utah is not just about the "Mormon" scene. Local filmmakers have pumped over $250 million into the Utah economy. Lots of Disney movies being filmmed here, as well as television series.)

Any thoughts?

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New Contributor
Jul 25, 2007
My first thought is about showing success; what movies have been made there in Utah, and what scenes stand out in everyone's mind? What is going to grab everyone's attention and what can you show them?

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