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B. Cole

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Mar 5, 2017
East Coast
Caught an article today that reminded me of process vs. event.

Why Small Wins Matter

Most of us start with monumental aspirations - place our event neatly at our bow, and soon find ourselves paddling frantically against a sea of overwhelm, kicked up as the headwinds of process pound a billion waves in our face.

Eyes watering against the drying wind, waves crashing, we paddle. Each intentional thrust of the paddle is an action. Sometimes our paddle misses and we get sideways. Sometimes it bites and thrusts the boat forward - and for a moment, we win. The event, the shoreline - still a long way off, but each small win with the paddle inches us toward it.

Don’t get lost in the sea of overwhelm. Aim that paddle, thrust that boat toward the shore. Take those small wins, thrust that paddle back into the sea and take another.

My small wins for today -

- Finished up inventory documents as materials cross the ocean.

- Stopped by the bank to clarify transfer information for a supplier that was reluctant to ship because they were looking for a SWIFT document that didn’t exist. Turns out they only needed a screenshot showing confirmation number. Material shipped.

- Set up a conference call for Monday to go over production schedule and inventory with the manufacturer.

- Finally gathered and totaled business expenses from 2018, ready for the CPA.

My setbacks for today -

- QuingMing holiday is slowing down shipping, might push back material arrival. In particular, the supplier that shipped late because of the transfer confusion.

What were yours?

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Aug 6, 2017
New Mexico
Reminds me of the MF CEO podcast & how Andy Frisella talks about "test days" (and test moments)--how you win & build inner strength when you do hard tasks even though you'd rather do anything else.

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