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  1. Zontora

    "To fly, cut off the weight holding you down." Dare to raise your head and look at the sky.

    "To fly, cut off the weight holding you down." Limitations are necessary, but they really suck. Especially when they are unchangeable and caused by external reasons. As someone who wants to achieve my dreams with hard work, I hate when external reasons limit them or delay them. I live in a...
  2. Zontora

    Chasing greatness - My grind

    19/12/23 Yes, I know that a millionaire is about as impressive as an used Toyota, but it's sounds good. I am a 15 year old guy who have been lonely and objectively weak for 14/15ths of my life. One year ago, I was the most basic person that existed, I feared confrontation and social...
  3. Puddding

    Step by step walk the thousand-mile road

    Hello, Been lurking for a bit but figured I need to introduce myself: I originally heard about MJ's books through some youtubers (thanks James Jani) I watched a couple years ago. The books, (specifically Unscripted) sat on my reading list in my business section for a while. It wasn't until I...
  4. DCG

    Actually Going To Something Part 6

    Hello Fastlaners, I just wanna do a brief update on things so far. I'm already half way done with learning that javascript tutorial on youtube and been looking at making my own portfolio. If I really focus on this then I could be done by the end of Christmas break! I found this guy name Alex...
  5. NandoJr

    Things are coming together!

    Hows it going folks?! Thought it would be a good idea to post my progress for my clothing business here in the forum! The last month and a half I've been working hard on the website as well as getting the logo complete for the business. Also was able to get an agreement for a collaboration! It's...
  6. B. Cole

    Small Wins

    Caught an article today that reminded me of process vs. event. Why Small Wins Matter Most of us start with monumental aspirations - place our event neatly at our bow, and soon find ourselves paddling frantically against a sea of overwhelm, kicked up as the headwinds of process pound a...
  7. D

    EEG Neurofeedback to Boost Productivity

    Pretty interesting article that discusses what the 80/20 to productivity, one of the things he talks about here is using EEG Neurofeedback to effectively 'upgrade your brain'. Link: The Only ‘Productivity Hack’ That Actually Works – Chris Clark – Medium I am very intrigued and want to give it...
  8. MarcoSto

    From no Money and no Coding Skills to AppStore

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, "Dear Marco Stojanovic, your app has been approved for the AppStore." BOOM! I received this mail 3 days ago. 1,5 years ago, I had no money to pay a developer, nor the coding skills to create the app I wanted to build. My only companion at that time was the goal I was...
  9. juggler619

    That’s how a superhero learns to fly

    Dedicated to all those grinding on weekends,where maybe your roommate,friends & colleagues are out parting and getting drunk, may be everyone's given up on you. Whilst you are in the "PROCESS" of building value voucher,hustling, no giving up,learning from failures,acting-> learning-> adjusting ...
  10. H

    HELP: Young Entrepreneur Went From Nothing to Marketer in 4 Months Yet STUCK in a Mental Plateau

    Do you ever make progress yet feel like you are running circles in life? I had nothing. No knowledge of technical skills, could at most get a server job, believed school was everything, was extremely depressed and all I wanted was to be rich and get laid. I would come home from school, and...
  11. H

    20 year old finding my passion..Pleasure to be here!

    First I want to start by saying I just read Fastlane Millionaire in about a day and couldn't put it down. Now started unplugged. I have always wanted to have financial freedom since I was 14. I started by making some apps and had them published on the marketplace. It was generating ~5 dollars...
  12. P3HSB

    I went from 0 to $38,000, then back to nothing. Here is my story

    I joined this forum a few years ago back in 2014 when i was 23 years old. (now 25 y/o) . Prior to that, I was still taking classes at a community college. I took business classes in hopes it would prepare me to start a business but it only taught me how to be an employee "in" a business. While...
  13. Niptuck MD

    Trying to catch a f**king break

    Havent been able to get on TMFL forum much due to one thing after another; Although I am eternally grateful for @biophase and his coaching and support, I am still struggling due to not only familial events and one thing after a F*cking another; I just cant catch a break. I am reading Life...
  14. Jorotyn

    Time to escape the rat race!

    Hi fastlaners! It's time to escape the rat race. <--- This is me (my avatar). I'm 23, living in Melbourne Australia, working full time (7am - 4pm, plus commute, Mon-Fri, min wage) in a job that leaves me with roughly $1000 left over after expesnes each month to invest in business...
  15. Spicymemer45

    The Starting Line (1st Down)

    Hey all! Hope you're all feeling mighty spicy today! (I'll leave a link to the shop below for critiques) I started the t-shirt business via Shopify last night around 2 A.M (E.S.T) I hired a graphic designer who dos fine work at a decent price! I also am looking to get a Website designer on...