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Providing Value in Exchange For Money

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A. Rodriguez

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 5, 2018
I'm almost done reading Unscripted . The chapter that talks about seeing money as value-vouchers has really changed my mindset about money. Any cash I hold, I begin to imagine how that money came to me whether I was gifted or I worked for it. All I see is VALUE was exchanged for MONEY.

I found a watch, It was really cool and I purchased it. My money went to the watch seller and I got VALUE which is the watch. Once you begin to see MONEY as something that is exchanged for VALUE each and everyday of your life, you begin to see the possibilities of acquiring boatloads of it.

I make it a habit to see every cash in my possession as a result of VALUE provided to someone else. VALUE Could come in form of products or services. If i intend to make $10k in a month, I think of what genuine VALUE i can provide to others in exchange for their cash. Suddenly, I see a lot of business opportunities around.

Its so great having this new mindset within me. More chapters ahead to complete in Unscripted . Tis surely one of my best books ever!
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