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  1. Venn

    INTRO Hey forum!

    Hey all, It is my first post so I would like to introduce myself. My name is Patryk and I am 25 years old. I am from Poland but living in Italy (Rome) at the moment. Here in Rome Im finishing my master's degree in biotechnology during the day and working as a barman during the night (or at least...
  2. João Luz

    Is "solution selling" a wrong way to find Needs?

    I am reading unscripted and MJ writes: "Don’t have time for domain experience? Then ask the people who do. Every so often, a drive-by user posts this generic question at my forum: “What do you guys need help with most in your business?” The question is perturbing because my forum entrepreneurs...
  3. N

    INTRO The "Hello World" Thing Has Been Done Before, Right?

    Skimming the first page of the Introductions thread has made me reflect on why I feel compelled to use my real name for things. What would have not long ago made me too self conscious to post anything, now empowers me to do so. My name is Nathaniel Neff, and I am an Entrepreneur. I am through...
  4. H

    INTRO The Fast Lane awakens...

    Hi Everyone and @MJ DeMarco , I am Herve, and very new to the Fast Lane Forum. I am an Entrepreneur, as well as currently working for an IT company (9-5) as a Project Manager...yay! ;) I am in my early 30's and I have listened to TMF (twice now). A good friend of mine and work colleague had...
  5. PizzaOnTheRoof

    NOTABLE! The Best Speech On The Scripted Mindset You've Never Heard...

    Excellent talk by Douglas Kruger about escaping from the script, and why your thinking could be keeping you poor... My favorite gems: Amazing notes courtesy of @Bekit:
  6. kelvinfernandezm

    The one thing missing from Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

    Today I'll talk to you on a very sensitive subject. It's something I thought M.J. DeMarco was going to cover in Unscripted. While reading Unscripted I could feel the chapter coming on this topic but it never did. For those who have read unscripted you know the book is about breaking your...
  7. Robert25

    INTRO New Mindset

    Hello, I’ve always had dreams of owning a business since middle school. I always told everyone, studied business as I grew up and told myself that I would pull the trigger when an opportunity presented itself. Fast forward to age 27. An opportunity presented itself to open a new restaurant in...
  8. A

    INTRO From Indecision to Commitment

    Hey Everyone, I’m structuring this post so that I can both introduce myself and hopefully provide some value to someone who may have faced problems similar to mine. Life Before TMF I enrolled in college for Mechanical Engineering with no direction other than wanting to be an inventor from a...
  9. Aryan Sharma

    Why You Should Go Beyond Theoretical Big Talk??

    There Are Millions Of Way You Can Show Yourself As An Expert In Any Field But This Sweet Talk Won`t Lead You Anywhere You`ll Become One Of Those Instagram Celebrities With Fake Talk The Only Way You Can Go To The Next Level After Reading Unscripted Is Going Out And Take Experiences And Try...
  10. MJ DeMarco

    Unscripted, Thai version

    Happy to say that Unscripted was launched in Thailand this last Tuesday and was promptly sold out!! I only wish the publisher game me a link so I could publish it here... Stay tuned...
  11. B

    INTRO A New Paradigm

    It was the summer of 2014 at the SIB Library in NYC that I stumbled upon the “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ Demarco as I was skimming through the Business section. My first reaction was that it may be another one of those financial books that advocated cut throat expense cutting, maximizing...
  12. JLST

    INTRO It’s time to take action, time to execute!

    Hey everyone, I’m 28 years old, I'm from Belgium and at this moment I’m still living the scripted life, but what is sure, is that I’m not planning to keep on following that road. This is my story: It’s almost 7 years now that I’m working as a Service Advisor at a Mercedes-Benz dealership and...
  13. Max Shapira

    INTRO Max Shapira - Israel

    I'm so thankful for The Millionaire Fastlane and the UNSCRIPTED. From my bunch of books, if I needed to pick only 5 (even though I haven't read 80% of them), MJ's two books would start the list, hands down. Here is my story... A year ago I've decided to switch lanes and drive the Fastlane. I...
  14. Max Shapira

    Income & Expense Tracking - Worksheet!

    Hi, I'd like to share with you a powerful tool of mine which will assist you to track your income and expense effectively and stick to a budget. This excel sheet can work in every nation, you just need to adjust the currency correspondingly. When you open the worksheet for the first time...
  15. Patrick Hughes

    Feeling Down The Past Few Days

    Hey guys, Recently I've hit a rough patch on my journey and I am at this point of where I feel I can't run back to the SCRIPTED world but at the same time, my journey into the UNSCRIPTED world is still long and arduous. It's like this weird middle ground where I can't move forward or backward...
  16. NMdad

    No ideas? No opportunities? Seriously?!

    One thing MJ complains about in Unscripted is that people want simple, no-fail, step-by-step plans for easy riches. Wouldn't that be nice--something so fail-proof? Attractive? Yes. Realistic? No. The book title itself tells you there's no silver bullet to wealth creation. So, do you: Have...
  17. M

    Antithetical apathy - anyone?

    Hey you guys, this is my first appearance here but I've been following the forum ever since I read TMF, a year and a half ago. What brings me here is chapter 26 of Unscripted, the parts that talks about antithetical apathy. I was very moved by the entire argument, paying lot of attention and at...
  18. F

    BOOK Unscripted, French Translation

    Hi MJ, I soon have finish to read the millionaire fastlane and I was wondering if you will release a French version of unscripted ? Thank you very much !
  19. Martin Boeddeker

    Interview With Eliquid: How Start A Business From Scratch (+His Best Advise for SEO)

    Hi, last year I interviewed @eliquid for my Podcast. I've never learned so much from a single Interview. If you liked MJ's Unscripted book you'll love what Jason shares in this interview. He is probably the best real life model of the unscripted philosophy I've ever encountered. If...

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