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  1. heman

    I've Got an Idea and I'm getting started on my journey

    Hello, My name is Matt. This past weekend I picked up The Millionaire Fastlane, which subsequently led me to UNSCRIPTED, which subsequently led me to this forum, which subsequently led me to Million Dollar Weekend by @noahkagan (GREAT BOOK, HIGHLY RECOMMEND). First I would like to thank @MJ...
  2. heman

    I think I got my Idea

    Hello Everyone! This past weekend I picked up TMF, which successively led me to this forum, which successively led me to UNSCRIPTED, as well as The Weekend Millionaire by @noahkagan (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) First I would like to thank @MJ DeMarco for providing space for like-minded Entrepreneurs...
  3. mikeross17

    What's your motivation to make a lot of money?

    Hello fellow Forum Members! I'm thrilled to share my very first post with you all. We're all aware that money is a necessity in life. The real question is how much we earn and the means by which we do so. Around two years ago, I delved into the book "Unscripted," which fundamentally changed my...
  4. Yissou

    I would like more explain about ....

    Hi, i read the second book "unscripted". Now i still would like fews explain about things that i may not really understood, anyone can explain me: 1) how does he want us to pay our bill? to hear him say that he lives in a world where he doesn't pay, what would have happened if he hadn't...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Unscripted, now available in hardback.

    By request, Unscripted is now available in hardback, right now exclusively available on Amazon. Have to wait a few weeks to get some inventory here for any signed copies. Signed copies...
  6. goofy123

    Living an UNSCRIPTED life

    From reading UNSCRIPTED, I actually woke up and acknowledged the truth for what it is, no matter how ugly it was, and now I wish to learn more and live a happy life.
  7. 10Fold

    How Do You Spend Your Freedom Coupons?

    I myself am still on the journey to financial freedom. My freedom coupons are being invested. Invested in growing my knowledge. Invested in hustling on the side in the meantime. Oh course it isn’t all serious. I can always count on a drive to set my mind free. Freedom coupons certainly come in...
  8. JED253

    Good reasons to wait?

    First off, I need to take accountability. I'm 25% of the way through unscripted after reading fastlane a few months ago. In the book he calls out people like me who read fastlane, make a post or two, and then vanish. And I will be the first to admit that there is more I could have done in the...
  9. ExistingExpert

    Start of my UNSCRIPTED journey

    Currently reading UNSCRIPTED. Looking to provide some value and maybe make some cash along the way. Came here to check out the forum that is talked about a lot in the book.
  10. redshift

    Writing your own story

    I finished reading Unscripted again recently. I think this was my 3rd time around after reading it twice a few years ago. Great book btw, always inspires the crap out of me. What's crazy, though, is how I always pick something up which I completely missed in the previous reading. Now, to speed...
  11. Kirby73

    10 years to reach Unscripted

    I've recently finished listening to Unscripted, I've probably made 80% of the mistakes listed in the book! So now it's time to get moving, I've given myself 10 years to reach unscripted, and I think that is a fair time frame, it's possible to do it sooner. Firstly I need to recover from all of...
  12. wallacejonathank

    Dodged a bullet by NOT following my "passion"

    I just got done reading Chapter 29 of Unscripted (The wonder twins of epically bad life advice), and it got me thinking about how I dodged a bullet early in my career. When I graduated four years ago, I thought I wanted to work in sports marketing because the sports industry was my "passion." I...
  13. JasonVes

    The problem with getting rich quick/easy...

    A friend of mine was almost able to win €36k on a soccer bet a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for him, he did not win. Unfortunately for me, I had to hear him out on how much money he missed out on, at least 20 different times. To this day, he still thinks that the €36000 he could've won, would...
  14. piano

    "Balance is shit"

    Unscripted, Chapter 41, point #3 "Balance is shit" In that chapter, MJ talks about how when you build a business, things like relationships and hobbies often have to take a bit of damage because "you can't have everything", so to speak. You can't just work on your business for 1 hour a day...
  15. Owknn

    My FTE moment

    Hello guys, I’m Okan. I’m a 16yo boy who lives in Bulgaria. And I’ve read The Milionaire Fastlane, and I’m currently reading Unscripted. Today was a special day for me, cuz I’ve had my FTE. My gf just gifted me a hotwheels car, and it’s my favourite car (Dodge Demon SRT). While it was in my paIm...
  16. makivelli

    'The Millionaire Fastlane' Vs. 'Unscripted'

    Hello, community! This is my first post here. I've recently finished reading 'The Millionaire Fastlane' and wow... I'm speechless. I'm contemplating reading the next book, 'Unscripted', but I have a fear and I'd like some reassurance from the community, if you may. The fear is that the...
  17. U

    The Millionaire Fastlane review

    I've read The Millionaire Fastlane, and that was a life-changer in my life. The way of thinking was absolutely conventional and government system gave me a thumbs up with a mediocre salary. It had sentenced me with a permanent post scam with a short lived resurrection all the way to my...
  18. wyattnorton

    Inaction Is A Slow Death

    How many times have you taken action, regardless of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. and it turned out to be the best for you? What have you taken action on? What have you not taken action on? Hope you enjoy the video. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
  19. A

    I listened to the book Unscripted and now I am doing things, BIG THINGS.

    I grew up with more struggle than most people, here in the United States Arizona to be exact. What people do not realize is when you have nothing you learn to fight for everything. At an early age when crack was popular in the minority communities both of my parents decided to join in on the...
  20. X

    Any advice is much appreciated!!

    I am desparate in need for an advice on where to start and I am open to any criticism if my mindset is wrong. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestion that can be put into an action. I would love to hear from anyone with insights or anyone in aviation industry that have succeeded in...