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value creation

  1. MJ DeMarco

    The anatomy of massive value creation, and massive ROI (1,700%)

    This weekend I watched my wife make homemade vegan cheese. If you’re not familiar with vegan cheese, it has the same consistency / look of dairy cheese except it is a bit softer. In my opinion, it tastes very similar to real cheese, although I’ve been vegan for 5+ years so perhaps my...
  2. A

    Is MJ DeMarco making money with this forum?

    Hi ! So I'm on my way to build my fastlane business and semester soon finishing so I'm going to bust my a$$ on my website this summer. I would be curious to ask a question to MJ DeMarco or author of TMF or any other members here does he make any money with his forum because I see he's using...
  3. DMNinja

    [Personal Freelance Journal] Starting on Niche Freelance Consulting Work

    I've been listening to Unscripted again, and something dawned on me. I have domain experience in a niche field, and I am actively getting paid to tackle a problem. Through systemizing this procedure, I can scale my income (still bound to time though) and in the future I could turn it into a...
  4. Orionlab

    How will you solve this problem if you are me?

    Hello here. This is my first time posting here and I am trying to make it as natural as I can. Reading Unscripted ™ by @MJ DeMarco actually help me to see money from a different and more better perspective. I got to learn that money is a trade exchange of value, and the more value you deliver...
  5. Ismail941

    Value Creation: Value Creation From Productive Activity From Nothing

    There is a person - Bruce who speaks about Foreign Policy & Economics around the world. I was checking his FB fanpage and found this awesome post about value creation. Here is the post: Movies Are An Awesome Example Of How Wealth And Value Creation Works LINK: View...
  6. Rabby

    Intro and transmuting lead to gold... figuratively ;)

    Howdy folks, This is my first time in the forum, so I figured I should post an intro. I really like "process" so I learned to turn around businesses that aren't doing well. I think of it like alchemy, transmuting something of lesser value to something of greater value. I'm working on getting...
  7. BlueMoon

    It's been a bumpy road but it's time for something new :)

    Hey everyone! I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is DK and I currently reside in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I'm 28 years old, live in a nice apartment, have entrepreneurial friends, a beautiful girlfriend and lots of ambition. I currently work as a digital freelance marketer and...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    How entrepreneurs can learn how to print money...

    New on my YouTube channel... The keys to "printing money" and my "unofficial" test of heavy advertisers!
  9. Peteee72

    Are you really a producer? How anything you do is a currency.

    Having read TMF and Unscripted, one of the biggest takeaways I've had has been the producer/consumer dichotomy. I lay in bed one night after reading, and staring at the ceiling, I asked myself. "Are you really a producer?" Now all of you will know that MJ directed this towards money, and how...
  10. Mike Carr

    My Unfortunate early success as a Value Faker

    "Keep your friends close and your enemy's toaster." - Ricky Last January my brother gave me a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed how I saw the world in many good and bad ways. My views on money were thankfully changed and I began seeking the adrenaline rush that is entrepreneurship...
  11. TKDTyler

    The Value Add Challenge

    In the spirit of continual fastlane mentality development, the concept of providing value should permeate everything around you. Friendships, customers, jobs, business, you name it - there is value to be served on a platter. Interestingly enough, providing interpersonal value follows a similar...
  12. drumworx

    Aspiring Value Creator exiting the Slowlane

    Hi all - my first post! I'm currently doing the 9-5 grind working an international assignment for one of the most interesting and dynamic FMCG companies on the planet. I've been with them 6.5 years and working 9-5 12 years. I'm South African but currently find myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil - with...
  13. Telamon25346

    Which people have provided the most Value in history?

    I've been researching a bit to feed my curiosity, and i was wondering: what people managed to help the most people in their lifetime, or provide the most value. for instance: Windows 3 helped writers use it as a viable publishing system because it had a font system that made text more legible...
  14. A. Rodriguez

    Providing Value in Exchange For Money

    I'm almost done reading Unscripted. The chapter that talks about seeing money as value-vouchers has really changed my mindset about money. Any cash I hold, I begin to imagine how that money came to me whether I was gifted or I worked for it. All I see is VALUE was exchanged for MONEY. I found...
  15. B

    Nmah A.

    I am broke, living from pay check to check. I have researched many ways to get out of this rat race and found out the best way is to create value to the masses. I stumbled on MJ Demarco audio book - Unscripted ...during my quest for a better life and was hooked by the content. Here I am, what's...

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