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Postponed quit job then quitted after seeing the real facts of BOSS

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Oct 1, 2019
General info: Age 27
My job: Head of a department in an Import and exporting company.
Why couldn't quit: Felt too safe cuz I was head of the department (since age 26) very young to be a head and my salary was same as those 32-35 yrs old employees.
Well fuxk that :)) its an excuse, the actual reasons I couldnt quit: I was scared to face challenges, felt safe where I worked, and worried what IF I FAIL.

Sorry for my bad Engllish but I am sure this post(what I experienced 3 days ago) is going to be extreamly helpful for those want to be an entreprenure.
Cuz it was something that people can't experience, so I wanna share this valuable experience I had to share the reality of your BOSS in whereever you work at.

I have been dreamd and always wanted to be an entreprenure but postponed quitting my miserable FUXKING job for a year then this happended and I quitted immediately.

Okay, there was a meeting (only heads and boss) in our company on Monday 4pm.

Me and boss is real close relationship and I like this guy cuz he put me as a head and give quite lots of salary although I was only 26.

And he has a son(unemployed) does not work in our company but that day the son came to the meeting to learn business(same age as me).

As soon meeting finshed, except the boss and son stayed to chat and everyone left the room and I was the last one to got out of the room. The exit door was at the conor, beside a wall, so people in that room can't see people going out or coming into the room cuz of that wall. And I realised I left my pen so when I turned back and heard their talking.

It was like this, the boss was asking what is his son's plan. Then son was saying he quitted his job after working a year in that company then looking for another job.
Then you know what the fuxking boss says ?
"What are you doing? Why you spend your life in a system made by a someone? Why you let other people to drive your life car? Why you let other people decide what you do or how much you earn? Why you let others to decide your choice?" And ALSO HE SAID "You know job experinece is enough by 6 months, STOP wasting your life, getting a job or working under people is a REAL stupid thing to do, go do something on your own or work under me so I will give you the company in next 10 yrs".

You know why I say this was a shocking experience? Cuz actually around 4 months ago I was having dinner with my boss and I told about my plan to start my own business and this was his reply. "Hey, you know, you don't know the real world, how many people fail and they broke and live on the street, you don't know the world economy now, you need at least 5-10 yrs working experience to do somehting on your own( I would be 34 or 40 sth after 5-10yrs Fuxk NO), I will rise you salary next year so don't worry about the money I care you, if you have any plan to start your own business within 1-2 years just forget about it, you are just an immatured adult".

LOOOOOOOOOL Man this was the real shocking life experience. I still cannot believe how he spoke so differently to his son and me.
And I think my boss was trying to keep me in his system.

Well anyway I quitted the day after I heard the chat, cuz it made me felt like I am a totally loser in this life,
I always postpned my dream to start my own business. Making alot shit excuses why I can't quit.
But No, actually I knew that I can quit anytime, but its just myself not brave enough.
Felt Iike I need a real action takings, felt that its now or never at that moment.

I have rented a space to open my own import company, I am scared, cuz although I worked in the company for two years, actually,
The fact is that I never import something by myself, never earn something by myself, everything(paper work and contract) were ready and set-up by the company.
And yh this made me even feel more loser. Two years. Have not done any shit for myself and actually does not know anything in detail. This is the real sad fact of an employees.
But I appreciate this two years, cuz it boosted me so hard and push myself so hard to take a real action for myself.
And thanks for the incident on Monday, made my eyes open for the real facts of the boss.

I hope good luck for those who want to be an entreprenure in this world. And you are not alone. There will be someone like me.

Good luck all and thx for reading this bad English post.

Just wanted to share this valuable experience.

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Jun 23, 2014
Buddy Guy Eh
Please tell me you have another source of income/way to support yourself before quitting?


New Contributor
Oct 1, 2019
Please tell me you have another source of income/way to support yourself before quitting?
I actually have some freelancing jobs can do, I have been offered by a few company but have not decided to take it or not cuz I have savings that can keep me for a year. What do you recommend ?

Jesús Zamora

New Contributor
Nov 24, 2017
Nice men! Congrats on being brave and betting on yourself. I would, however, also recommend for you to have a second source of income apart from your business, I'm not really familiar with the specifics of the import/export business, is it a cash-flow business? How large is the investment you need to get going? what are your fixed costs? How much time is it going to take for you to get your first paying customer? This are all questions that can help you determine the economics side of your biz. You mentioned that you could do some freelancing, I think that's and AWESOME way to support yourself and your business while you get things going (even better if those freelance jobs give you some perspective into the import/export business or help you develop a skill that you could later leverage into your own business). Congrats again and please let us know your progress in the following weeks-months!

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