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INTRO Operation Freedom - *The Way*

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Scott P

Mar 5, 2019
Hi all fastlaners and thank you for welcoming me into your community.

I am a long time wantrepreneur who has been putting off starting my own business and opting for the easy route for far too long now.

Now at 25 years old, I have spent the last 7 years of my life intermittently travelling, chasing a$$, partying and going through the motions of working a job, saving money, blowing it all travelling and coming back to rinse and repeat.

Don't get me wrong - it's been fun. But I feel it's now all out of my system ...

I have done nearly everything I've ever wanted to do, travelled the world, partied, went from being shy to doing a public speaking event on how to attract women (ironic lol), went from being a skinny guy to building a good physique ...

And along the way I noticed there is something in common with all those things I wanted ...

Through it all I just want freedom!

But it wasn't until reading MJ's books that I realised I would forever be shackled by the bounds of a boss and limited supply of money by simply working as an employee.

And no true freedom ever comes without financial and time freedom.

I take full responsibility for not acting on this knowledge sooner ... Deep down I knew all of this, I knew the trap of being a slave employee, working 5 days a week at a job you hate to get 2 days off where you dread the coming Monday ...

I saw the trap and because of my environment, limiting beliefs and sheer laziness I never took action on breaking free ...

Not anymore.

The best thing lifting weights and learning how to talk to women ever did for me was realise that if I visualise the end goal, take a logical set course of actions, persist, adjust actions accordingly based on feedback and continue persisting ...

The result will come. Sooner or later. More of the time sooner than I expected in my experience.

For me I see this is the way in all things now ...

With logical action steps, course correcting actions along the way and persistence ...

The goal will come ... One way or another, sooner or later.

So now is the time I hustle my a$$ off, persist, course correct wherever necessary and keep pushing on to achieve my goals of financial and time freedom ...

My goal is to have a consistent £10,000 per month income by December 2019

To continue making £15,000 per month net income through 2020 and save 30% which would leave me with £60,000 in the bank at the end of 2020.

I will post in another thread about my specific situation about the business I am starting to achieve this.

Thank you so much fastlaners, let's do this!!


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