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  1. Lochlan

    Is SMMA a good business model to start

    Im 15 and trying to decide on a business model to start, I'm leaning towards SMMA at the moment because even if it does not work out I'll have a good foundation in marketing for when I start another business (like a internet business). I ran it by the 5 commandments in the millionaire fast lane...
  2. yashdutt

    I started my SMMA and failed utterly.

    I embarked on my so-called Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) during a trip to the mountains in my country with the intention of funding my journey. During that trip, I had the fortune of meeting a digital marketing freelancer who claimed to have achieved an impressive turnover of over $70,000...
  3. Domis

    A Question for Agency Owners

    Hey guys, I started a Short Form Content Agency ~2 weeks ago. Since then I have basically ran out of people to reach out to, because my niche is law and the only way I search for clients is by typing words like "Lawyer" or "Attorney" into the YouTube search bar and sending them an example clip...
  4. E

    Best Niches For "SMMA" ("Copiers" are not allowed)

    Guys fast start to discussion is I in this "SMMA" for a while and what I see is because of these "content creators" that try to sell courses, peolpe that want to make "easy money" just came to the niche like a surf wave and f*ck it up all the niche market. Not all of it but most of it (at least...
  5. The One

    Youtube Journey - changing lives simply by words

    Straight to the chase. Name - Syed Shah Age - 17yrs Things I've done already + currently doing: invested into stocks - realised you really need a larger capital, but have realised some patterns - win (around 2017) tried to sell video editing online - didn't stay consistent, realised a goal...
  6. Maredona

    How do I price my services? (Facebook ads)

    I've recently started my social media marketing agency. Done some cold calling and I've booked a meeting for Tuesday morning (It's Sunday now). I'm confident I can deliver results for the dentist that i'm hopefully gonna work with. Since this is my first potential client I'd really appreciate...
  7. Black_Dragon43

    Does your Agency have the foundations to scale to $1M+?

    This method helped multiple agency owners scale to $1M+ or multiple 6 figures and recently I heard about two consultants who stole it and were using it with their own students. Unfortunately for them, they didn't understand it properly. I created the NPOT Methodology™ for scaling an agency...
  8. RebornPhoenix

    Creating Value and Making an Irresistible Offer

    I want to work towards creating significant value and offering something meaningful. In my last journey with Web Design and Digital Marketing, I always felt like a scammer because I had no idea whether I could deliver results and offer something useful. In this journey, I am going to try stuff...
  9. H

    Starting my first SMMA business!

    So here we are. I'm tired of my 9-5 job not going anywhere and I want to try something for myself, and what I've been looking very much into is Social Media Marketing Agency. I've been taking Iman Gadzhi's course, and some other readings about Facebook ads, copywriting etc, and hoping I'm soon...
  10. Piallat Louis

    SMMA in France

    Hi I'm 16 years old and I'm French, I read the milionaire fast lane and I want to get into SMMA which is already quite famous in America. I'm trying to subject this business to the law of impact, of entry and it doesn't really fit. Could you give me some information please. Thank you
  11. C

    (Complicated) Unpaid Invoice

    Hi everyone Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who knows a lot about the legal side of things or has been in a similar situation to me. I’ll outline the details below A few months back, my digital marketing company conducted a 2 month free trial for a local dental practice. In the initial...
  12. S

    What is the Trend right now?

    I´m asking myself what business model everybody follows right now. At some point in time SEO was hot, then there was Podcast,and the latest trend i know of was Social Media Marketing. What is hot right now or is there no new trend at the moment?
  13. S

    Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Evening fastlaners, Below is my cold email for targeting private dental clinics on purchasing digital lead generation services and possible up-sell of sales training packages. I'm very comfortable with phone and face-to-face sales after 5+ years in various sales roles, however copy is...
  14. S

    Operation Freedom - *The Way*

    Hi all fastlaners and thank you for welcoming me into your community. I am a long time wantrepreneur who has been putting off starting my own business and opting for the easy route for far too long now. Now at 25 years old, I have spent the last 7 years of my life intermittently travelling...
  15. XxThelionxX

    Tai Lopez SMMA

    I have a backup plan...I'm unsure of wether to buy it or not. You see I was going to do both. This and my own business. Has anyone had any experiences with this. I'm only curious because Mj says in multiple instances that these $997 products are useless, and well this program would be the exact...