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Of everything is the same how do determine value

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Sep 17, 2020
Currently I am an entrepreneur in the field of first aid instruction. To say it’s competitive is an understatement. I am trying to add value to the classes. I don’t believe cutting prices is an option I believe you get what pay for. If you want boring power point non experienced instructors then fill your boots. I am biased in the regards that those who teach should have real experience to back it up. For me that’s value, but it that way for everyone?
Currently I am working on adding live feeds ( not sure if that’s right terminology) so people can part take in a class and then come demonstrate their skills at time that works for them. What things do you look for in a first aid class that you think adds value to it?

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Tom H.

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Dec 13, 2019
Jaco, Costa Rica
If you are the expert in first aid, you know a lot more about what adds value then I do... and that gives you my real answer: the authority of the instructors and owners is what I'd look for.

Kind of like picking a martial arts instructor, I'm going to be attracted to a place where it feels like they know what they're doing. Personally I wouldn't care about extra features or gimmicks, I just want to feel confident that if you or one of your instructors teach me first aid then I am going to be a badass when the time comes to be a hero and save someone's life.

I want you to give me the confidence that I really can perform first aid when it counts. One way you might give me that confidence is by approaching the class with a badass attitude.

Hope that helps!


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Oct 20, 2012
Read unscripted. The answers are in there.

First gather info about all the value array currently being offered by the competition.

I don't know what they are, but I'll just throw some out so you get the idea....

Course content; how the content is presented, what topics are covered, do you do live demonstrations, do you tell stories, do you include videos and images?

Classroom; is it online, is in a physical class room - is the class room big & fancy in a really fancy hotel lounge/hall with comfy chairs, wifi, drinks & snacks & nice smelling aromas. Or is it inside a rundown building in an old business park.

Post graduation; is it a prinited certification from your bog standard printer - or do you use a special paper, include fancy stamps and give them a digital version. Does it enhance their CV or value with their employer ? How does it add value to their employer - what do they need to say to demonstrate that value (do you tell them what to tell their employer so they can be the "first aid" person and get an extra $500 bonus per year?).....

Do you send them updates via e-mail every year with the latest techniques and quick online tutorial so they can update their certificate without needing to take the class from scratch.

etc.etc. etc.

There are many ways you can add value, but you need to know what value is currently being offered in the marketplace, then you need to decide how you're going to improve on that in order to create a new and better value proposition.

You should also look into business model canvas - see if you can innovate the business model, perhaps instead of selling individuals, you sell to corporations - perhaps you make it a mixed edutainment event..... i.e a corporation sends teams of 10 or 20 people to the beach, you guys have a half day where you learn about first aid, bond etc. and then certify everyone that passed. That would be unique and I'm sure you could charge a more for that value experience VS the traditional learn in the classroom session. And you can partner up with someone (family friend perhaps) and have them go to the beach with their food truck and guarantee them 10-20 customers ... of course you will own 50% in the business ;) .... and you can be setup a side business where you chaufaur groups of 10-20 people to different locations (and of course its your car company that picks and drops everyone off). See how you can vertically integrate and own the whole things.
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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Look at your competition, how can you be better than them?

Getting an endorsement from fire departments etc is a good publicity move.

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