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Noob here


Aug 30, 2007
Just found your site and joined today. I really like your format and your posting rules! At 47 years old I am very late to the game, but I am ready to give it my best shot. I just realized several weeks ago after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad just how poor of a job I have done at making/saving/managing money. That has already changed. There are only a handful of things that I have ever really put my mind to before, but I achieved in one way or another all of those things. Until now, I just have never really cared too much about making money for the sake of it. Never really cared about the money.....just the stuff that you can buy with it.:) I have finally realized that the most important thing that money can buy you (at least to me) is FREEDOM. So, now I have committed myself to the task of creating wealth, and I am determined to succeed. I already have a plan in place to pay off what I call my "non-mortgage debt" in what I hope will be a short period of time. Not really too bad. About $6,000. But, I want it gone! My next step will be to add a little more to my emergency savings. And then, to try and make some investments that will pay off. It is my goal to be able to walk away from my job FOREVER in the next 2 to 3 years. I am counting on you guys to help me along my journey. I hope that the day will come when I can actually help somebody else achieve their financial goals. With my track record up to this point, I don't think anybody will be asking me for any advice. But, as I said. That is going to change. I just filled out a "net worth" worksheet and it really doesn't make me look that bad (a positve NW of about $91K). But, CASH FLOW is my problem and I will make that problem go away. Thanks for having me here. I'm looking forward to the challenge. GMJ

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Aug 2, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Welcome to the fastlane. :)

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Thanks for joining and welcome.

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