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Akash Acharya

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Mar 7, 2019
I have the desire to be an entrepreneur but I just dont know how to properly execute my ideas.I'm 21 years old and I already feel like I'm 40 years old. My life is going nowhere fast, I still dont know anything about anything, I still live with my parents who are rich and make me feel like I cant live up to them. I feel all kinds of trapped. I'm trapped financially because I'm broke, I'm trapped because the whole world including my brother and my father keep telling me that I wont be shit, I'm trapped because my website is taking forever to take off, im trapped in a job I hate ,i'm Trapped because I'm overweight and depressed af from being overweight, I have super thin skin, I'm out of touch with the whole world in terms of fashion, music, current events etc, I dont fit in at all anywhere. My gf dumped me recently. My whole life is is in shambles and I let it all get this way. How do I fix it? I dont normally complain about shit but I fr need to vent. I want to be a success and never have to worry about money again. But all of my attempts at income generation, hell ever decision I make, always backfires. The world makes no sense at all. I dont know what else to do. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. I need a major change. Should I just react and drastically move out and shake up my life or should I be smarter and stay home? I want to be better, I want to be something, I want to be the best possible version of myself because ik I'm better than this. Ik this sounds like whining but I dont know what else to do. I need help, period.

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Aug 28, 2014
Poland / Belgium


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May 3, 2014
Marbella, Spain
Well if you are skint and your parents are taking care of your primary needs there seems little benefit in moving out. All that will do is create more pressure on you. Obviously they are taking care of your welfare right?

It sounds like you need to go back to basics. Get some wins under your belt, build some discipline and gain some self-esteem. Work on yourself, then, when you are on the road to mastering that, work on your business.

So concentrate on losing the weight. Get up early each morning and take a long walk or bike ride. You will be surprised how good that will make you feel (no headphones, just you in your own space).

Work out a diet plan (intermittent fasting is probably one of the best). Join some weight loss groups for support. Join a gym and start doing cardio exercises. Just start with a few minutes on each machine and build up from there. Include some basic weight training if you feel you want to.

A month of that (daily, and without fail) will create good habits and you will feel a whole lot differently than you do today. You will see the difference in your body and feel the difference in your mind.

You have to realise that if your family and friends are all saying the same thing about you then the problem is more than likely yours. They may not all be right but it's doubtful they are all wrong.

You have to accept that fact and own it. It could well be they are trying to give you a wake up call. To jolt you out of this negative path you have been heading down.

Do you have a job? Do you contribute to the family? Do you help with chores? What positive part do you play in your family?


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Jul 1, 2018
1) Trapped financially? Get a job. Don't spend more than you need. Invest/Save the rest.
2) Family thinks you're shit? Ignore their hate. Try not to share your ideas with them.
3) Trapped in a job you hate? That's why you need to build a side business.
4) Overweight? Do a keto diet. Just lost 9KG in 6 weeks.
5) Not fitting? Join a club. Join events. Join social events.
6) Not worry about money again? Read TMF.
7) Need to be the best version of yourself? You need to keep on taking decision and acting on them.

Easier said than done. If you could do one of them you'd probably feel much better and motivated to do the second and so on. Maybe start with the overweight thing because once your stomach stops hanging man you feel motivated for life! Believe me, I'm there right now lol.


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Feb 17, 2014
My advice would be to park the website idea if it isn't working or gaining traction. If your parents are already wealthy then why not look at see how they did it and in what industry they are a part of. You may not like it but your parents could be one of your biggest allies on your entrepreneurial journey.. you can make use of their contacts and reputation while working hard and delivering results for customers initially with your parents help and support.

I'm also 21 and ran multiple different online businesses but ultimately have come back around to working within the Real Estate industry which my parents have been involved in for over 20 years.


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Aug 27, 2017
Desert of Desertion
Your mindset needs to be adjusted. You acknowledge you're whining, but there's more to it than that. You are showing a fixed mindset. "My environment has created x,y,z circumstances, so change is out of my control". You will learn, hopefully sooner than later, that this is bullshit. Everyone has a different story, and the ones with a happy ending are the ones where the protagonist accepts that in fact they are in control if they choose to be. It has to be a conscious choice. From where you are now, you will not automatically start taking action and hold yourself accountable for your circumstances. You have to say "Yea, my family members may be telling me this, but it doesn't matter, because I know x,y,z about myself. And despite what they say, I am going to hold myself accountable for doing 1,2,3."

I know you perceive it much differently, but you are paralyzed by choice. You have a stable lifestyle, although it depends on your parents. If you were working and just lost your job, no one would have to tell you to go into problem solving mode - you'd do it out of necessity. You need to approach your current situation just as someone who's been laid off would approach their situation; dump the fixed mindset and focus on making something happen. It DOES require you to toughen up a little bit. That's life. I learned this lesson last year, and that's why I can speak to it. Once you decide on the outcome you want to create, your behavior and decisions will align behind making it happen.


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Mar 7, 2018

We all have crap, we all have suffering. This, you can get through.

Look at what you can control and what you can’t control:

You’re overweight, you CAN control that. Eat healthy and exercise by moving in way that makes you really happy :) you’ll feel amazing.

Website: you can control its fate, grow it or kill it. Either way you win, you’ve learned.

Job: Totally control if you stay or find a new one

Parents, world, everyone telling you you can’t?: You can’t control that, but you CAN control how you react to it. Don’t just accept it as gospel, smile inside and think how nice it’ll be when you prove them wrong. Fuel.

Girlfriend: no control there but wow, she’ll be gutted when you’ve made it big! Fuel.

You’re weird, don’t fit in, don’t get the world: Be proud of you!! You’re different, limited edition, rare. You’re unique. There has ever been and will ever be one of you to walk this earth. 4 billion years of past has led to this moment of you. Don’t waste that.

BTW, you’re 21. You’ve been an “adult” for like 3 years! You have SO much life ahead of you and YOU can make that life into whatever you want. Not your parents, not your brother, not your ex or even the world.

Don’t hate the haters, they just don’t understand.

Write a list now of what you can and can’t control. They stuff you can’t - don’t sweat. The stuff you can, make plans. You’ll feel better as soon as you do.

Good luck, I know you’ll be amazing x

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