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  1. E

    17, profited $60k already, but completely lost in life.

    I'm 17 years old, and throughout the las year or so, I've been hopping around from business to business, side hustle to side hustle, and managed to save up $60k. However, none of these "side hustles" have been scalable, and at my best I made just under 7k in one month. For the last month or two...
  2. Bobby123

    Where did it all went wrong?

    Hi. I am a 16-year-old entrepreneur. Recently I started an Instagram outreach business, it didn't get much attention, for 2 months I didn't get any results. I will admit, I quit it. I got lazy and I quit it. My question is, do I go back to Instagram outreaching or find something else. Edit: I...
  3. Aidan04

    Am I in The Desert?

    If you haven't been following my journey you can do it here. Essentially 5 months ago I built a product called Setsign. This product allows people to display their sets and their availability in the gym to others. I'm trying to market this to gyms on a b2b level so gyms can have these up...
  4. Dr. Goldenage

    The beginning.

    I would appreciate it if you guys could answer these 3 questions in this little post. Introduction: Let me introduce myself first. I am 19 years old guy discovering new and new things in life. I live in a non-european country where even saying words such as: "young entrepreneur" will cause...
  5. lobo

    Software Agency? Cash Business? Im lost...

    To give you some background on me: I started my entrepreneurial journey about 5 years ago (I was 17 / turning 18). I started a house cleaning business that I ran for about a year. The best we ever did was about 7K Revenue/Month. At that time I felt like I had something to brag about. Today, not...
  6. M

    I feel like I'm wasting my time

    Two weeks ago I started University. I am Italian and I chose to study business at the University of Bologna, teached in English language. I decided to start it because it's really important for my parents and, in Italy, a college degree is still seen as fundamental to work. I don't really agree...
  7. D

    Looking for a thread (“building my oceangoing sailboat)

    I am looking for a thread where a user wrote about his B2B SaaS Fastlane plan to earn his ocean going sailboat / vessel capable of sailing to Antarctica and back. He explained eloquently to achieve this that he was going to pursue a very potent Fastlane, and that out of all the software /...
  8. A

    No direction

    I have the desire to be an entrepreneur but I just dont know how to properly execute my ideas.I'm 21 years old and I already feel like I'm 40 years old. My life is going nowhere fast, I still dont know anything about anything, I still live with my parents who are rich and make me feel like I...
  9. MNejc

    Who to listen to? How to find Mentor?

    Good day, guys, My name is Nejc, I'm 20 years old and I'm coming from Slovenia (a small country with 2mil people in Europe). Currently and since November 2018, I'm working as an electrician for Slovenian company in Germany, as the job is based on fieldwork. As an introvert, I'm surrounded by...
  10. Jessie Blight

    Maybe I’m a dumbass?

    Hi Everyone I thought I would write a little introduction and maybe get some feedback. I’m a 19year old Housekeeper. I’ve read The Fastlane Millionaire and just about to start reading Unscripted. I’m having trouble finding a way to provide value into people’s lives. I have been helping a lot of...
  11. D

    Ex-med school student

    Hi, my name’s Dan! I read Fast Lane Millionaire and I’m almost done with Unscripted. I’m the first in my family to venture into entrepreneurship, and as expected, I keep getting pressured (with love) to pursue security through mediocre jobs in which I’ll be making someone else rich while my life...
  12. Yashar

    Feeling lost and looking for direction

    Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old guy who lives in Switzerland. I broke up my apprenticeship in IT 3 years ago so I could pursue a fastlane plan (At that time didn't even know what the fastlane actually was). I wanted to develop an app. I had an Idea, started working a little bit but then didn't...