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Next Soft Proof Process?


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Apr 7, 2017
The Netherlands
Sorry if I seem to post every now and then, rest assured I'll be standing and swinging the bat all day long to get this cycle down from idea to productocracy. The development of the product is not the issue however, my main issue (which i would like to address in this new cycle from idea to product (and hopefully productocracy) is i think nailing the need commandment.

Basically, I have two processes for idea generation.
1. I frequent reddits, forums of the target market and if i see something nice ill contact the person to explore it further.
2. I think of a nice solution or something which i think would be nice to solve a need

With option 1, you have the language patterns as the first soft proof (and then the research for value skews).

How can you soft proof option 2 more reliably, just email people. I think people have this and this problem, is this the case for you and in your industry? and then the next mail, would such a solution solve it for you and are you intrested in joining a beta group or look at some drafts for some feedack (and maybe provide an incentive)

Looking forward for you ideas :)
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Sep 18, 2014
I've made the experience that once you are limiting yourself to a target market it's easier to find ideas/pain points. In my niche I've got ideas which I can't fulfill in the next years.

Some more sources for idea generation would be: doing private interviews with people in the niche, FB Groups, reading legislative texts (especially law changes) for example GDRP in Europe opened lots of opportunities mostly for lawyers and web agencies. I admit this is a broad change, but sometimes there are changes just for your niche/industry.

As you want to validate your solution I wouldn't just rely on emailing people. Most of this emails will land in the spam/trash folder. It will help you if done right but you can also go to this sources of idea generation (reddits, forums...) and ask for validation. Most entrepreneurs keep their ideas secret until their product is ready to sell and there are cases where this is necessary, but if you are comfortable with posting this solution maybe stripped to the core it is easier to get responses. If you want to reach some companies in particular you may want to walk into the front door or call the decision makers.

Ultimately an idea/solution isn't bulletproof until sold. If your client's aren't willing to take out their wallet for a Presell, MVP or similar, even if it's just a small amount, you cannot be sure if it will succeed.

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