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New Contributor
Jan 9, 2022
Hey guys, so this is my story of what has brought me to this forum and this new way of life.

Grew up in a middle class household, parents work a lot and don't get paid enough. When I was younger I would hear how they hate work, constantly being told to do well in school to get a higher paying job than what they were able to get. Anyways, I go through life not knowing what I wanted to do as a career, I follow the normal scripted path of going to university. As someone who loves art and media, I found the idea of being an author or director extremely cool but, the adults in my life told me it just wasn't realistic and that I should pursue something in STEM that "guarantees" me a job. So I do Engineering & Design in relation to Media at university, even though I had no f*cking idea what it was, I wasn't thinking for myself and simply doing what others wanted me to do.

I loved my time at university, not because I got a degree or anything, I loved the freedom to move out of home, meet new people and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I get a graduate job almost straight after graduating a few months ago not knowing much about it... within 10 minutes of starting I know I'm going to f*cking hate it. 12 hour days, underwhelming pay and shitty co-workers lead to my f*ck this event, I quit and really thought "is this it? Is my life going to just be working some shit job with no freedom or autonomy whatsoever like a f*cking slave?" I had already read The Millionaire Fastlane a few months prior to taking that job and I knew what I had to do.

So here I am, I am an entrepreneur, I absolutely adore writing, editing and creating my own mini documentaries on YouTube. I have studied YouTube extensively, the type of videos I make are in very high demand and I have a plan in place to get my videos noticed. I am networking with huge creators and becoming very good friends with them, I am expanding my income streams to Ad revenue, Patreon, Ko-Fi and affiliate links. In the future, once my subscriber count is at large enough I will sell courses that provide as much value as possible, I am going to get sponsorships, I am going to get brand deals and am going to open up my own merch store.

Right now I am on 2,700 subscribers on my main channel and am branching out and starting a podcast with my good friend who has close to 200,000 subscribers himself. I have had to move back to my parents house, leaving my friends and my girlfriend behind (momentarily) due to not being able to afford expenses. Whenever I am not working my part time coffee shop job I am grinding my a$$ off producing value rich content, aimed to entertain, inspire and spark curiosity.

It's not easy, it's extremely lonely and very tiresome but I am doing it for a great reason. I want to make great content, I want the freedom to work with who I want, whenever I want to, wherever I want to. I want to inspire and spark curiosity in others. I want to move back to the city to re-join my girlfriends and close friends. I don't want to answer to shitty bosses who tell me when I can and can't go to Spain for 3 weeks. I want to be able to outsource my research and editing to give me more time to ski in Italy.

I will be posting somewhat regular updates of my progress and strategies, lets f*cking get it unscripted chads.
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