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INTRO "Moin moin" from Germany

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by Vaughn, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Vaughn

    Vaughn New Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane

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    Apr 20, 2017
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    Moin moin (= hamburgish for "hello") all!

    My name is Vaughn (not my real name obviously), I'm in my early 30s and currently living in Hamburg/Germany. I've just finished reading TMF and it was the final push I needed to finally change my life.

    About my background:
    So far, I've been the typical slowlane guy: Went to university, got a degree in economics, got a shitty-paid job in the mobile games industry, believed all the lousy promises (promotion, raises, training, blahblah), which my boss made and which never came true, and spent my free time with parties, tv shows and videogames. Actually I am rather a parking lot guy: After five years in the industry, my net value is close to zero (no savings, no valuable assets), I did not spend much effort in developing myself in my free time and I enjoyed the low-responsibility-9-to-5-life.

    About my dreams:
    I don't wanna spend the rest of my life working into other people's pockets, especially not for a-holes like my current boss. I am not really interested in fast cars, designer clothes or other luxury items, but I wanna have the freedom to travel the world, live in nice places (preferably in the caribbean), don't care about invoices and throw my alarm clock out of the window.

    About my approach to get there:
    The first step I've made is quitting my job... and signing in for another one. Yes, still slowlane, I am well aware, but at least the speed limit is increased a little. I'll move to another country in July, earn double the money I'm earning at the moment and will probably be able to save up to 2,000 USD per month. My plan is to do this job for a couple of years and save as much money as possible. In the same time I will learn coding ; at least to a basic level. I wanna be able to create simple websites and to evaluate other people's work. I also will read a lot more to improve my knowledge about the mobile industry, founding a company, leading people and my mindset in general.

    My goal is to found a mobile games company within the next five years. The saved money from my new job shall be the basement for it.

    Why mobile games although I hate my current job?

    For three reasons:
    1. I still enjoy videogames. After playing them for decades and working in the mobile games industry for five years, I also know a lot about what a good and profitable game is about.
    2. Games are fulfilling the need for entertainment, which will be even more relevant in the future as more and more customers from India, China, Brazil, etc. enter the market.
    3. I know mobile gaming is textbook fastlane business, offering scale (hundreds of millions of smartphone users worldwide) and magnitude (individual users who spend 5-digits for games). Even with medium-lousy games -like my employer develops- it is possible to make six-digit-revenues per month. The big companies make up to half a million per day.

    If you're still reading: Thank you for your patience. I want to change and this text is kind of the self-therapeutic first step.

    Looking forward to fruitful discussions.

    P.S.: If anyone needs advise in mobile user acquisition: Feel free to ask, I'm sure I can give some useful insights.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017