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Jul 12, 2019
I have a burning desire to be of value to the world! That means also YOU! Let me first explain who I am!


first of all some facts about me:

  • 30 years young
  • living together with my girlfriend in Germany (excuse my bad English; working on it!)
  • working fulltime as an engineer for planning and licensing of big power supply lines (Masters degree)
  • well interested in hypnosis

so, folks, thank you first that I have the oppurtunity of beeing a part of you right now!

My F*ck this event- if you can call it that - was not so much about myself but my local barber guy...

This guy is by far my favourite barber and I like him very much personally. He is from Turkey, doesn`t speak German well and lack some education. Last time he told me he is living in a house without proper heating but with some firewood oven, he cannot afford children despite he would love to have some of his own and basically his whole life is working, eating and sleeping with a small break on sunday - then realizing he has no money to enjoy the "good times" of life...

So there is this guy, friendly, lovely guy who is a good barber but living a life I would not choose at all!

And there I am: highly educated, good childhood, parents awesome, having a job which allows me to live a "good life"...

And that makes me having all the opportunities to break free from the still living SCRIPTED life! And it is not just a option: IT. IS. MY. DUTY! I literally HAVE TO live UNSCRIPTED and produce VALUE! NO EXCUSE! Because: There are so many other people like this guy who do not have the same chances as I do. Not giving my best to be of value and produce value is simply wasting my life! That is the one and only truth!

And in the past I wasted a LOT of my time! HUGE parts! In my 20th I massively played computer games and it went to addiction somehow lasting a very long time... I did just care about myself somehow and lost ther red straight line of my life purpose... Somehow I allways was dedicated, but did not commit to it with my full willpower and heart.

...But few years ago I constantly changed: I started reading books more often (mainly about finance and entrepreneurship), I worked out and lived more active. But I still was not 100% commited! So, after reading TMF and still reading UNSCRIPTED I found my personal F*ck this event like described above! And this changed everything DRASTICALLY!

From this day on ALL wake time is spend mostly like this:

  • (still) going to work every day from 9:00 am till 17:00 pm (allowing to do the parts below without financial pressure (good question: is this a good or bad things?)
  • waking up at 6, before work:
    • Priming (credits to Anthony Robbins, good for motivation, but not for finances..)
    • Writing diary - morning edition
    • 1 1/2 hours gym EVERY workday, half hour cardio on bike and reading meanwhile
    • cycling to work (half hour)
  • after work:
    • cook every day fresh
    • read a book for at least half an hour
    • work at least 1 1/2 hours on my "projects" (last project: hypnosis tape (writing, recording, mixing) with brainmachine which should help me find ideas in the terms of productocraty), in general: projects directly related to break through from SCRIPTED to UNSCRIPTED life!
    • spent at least 1 hour with my girlfriend
So I hope you have an insight into my life and you understand that I have a burning desire to be of value AND that I am willing to move MOUNTAINS to go there.. despite HOW HARD IT WILL BE!

Glad to be a part of you and excited to the future awaitening the brave ones! Fortes fortuna adjuvat!
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Jun 5, 2019
. Not giving my best to be of value and produce value is simply wasting my life! That is the one and only truth!

"value " depends on your level of awareness.

this is the most misunderstood word in the capitalist societies

there are definite laws of life.

value should be correlated to these laws and reality to give humans the most beautiful lives

this should not be used to satisfy stupidity and pointless desires and wants of people .

so i 've made a quick picture :




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Jul 12, 2019
Thank you for your insight! I think you are right at mostly all points there. For me it is important to do something that is of use for others (and is profitable, of course)

Btw I am testing my hypnosis on my self now (it is about finding ideas for business in terms of productocracy) and it works just awesome! For example I got today the idea that if I would sell some hypnosis tape I also would deliver the text of the hypnosis (in a solution the text cant be copied...) so the customer can read what I am saying in the hypnosis and maybe is less afraid of hypnosis "is manipulation against the will" or "bad things are planted into the brain".... Maybe a silly idea, but an idea!And a real skew if I am right, because nobody else who is selling hypnosis is doing it!

And so I am looking every day for more ideas AND execute on them. E.G. today I am studying the differnt types of legal forms of businesses in my country and which is suitable to get started. And till the end of week I want to have a rough understanding how to build an ecommerce business.

I allready have a business idea and I will execute this one for sure till the end of year. I think I can do it in this short amount of time, cause it does not involve physical engineering and can be build with the physical resources I allready own (still has entry, if someone thought about it... not everybody can do it).

I will do anything that it works great! BUT if that business should fail, and I am aware it could be, I will keep on building business after business till it works and take all prior failing businesses as feedback for the next one! That is sure! I am 100% sure that I will reach my goal no matter what!

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