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  1. H:E:A:T

    INTRO Might I be of value for you too? Find it out at following!

    I have a burning desire to be of value to the world! That means also YOU! Let me first explain who I am! Hi, first of all some facts about me: 30 years young living together with my girlfriend in Germany (excuse my bad English; working on it!) working fulltime as an engineer for planning and...
  2. Nekoemon

    Hypnosis induction music

    Hello Fastlaners with the growth of hypnosis business and the lack of decent induction music (besides the tons of miracle snake oil on Youtube), being a musician I decided to create my own and sell it for a fee that's as low as CD Baby admits to sell.:arghh: Here's Nekokawa Hypnosis. Some of...
  3. Tomasz G

    A Hypnotist's Way To Fastlane - Progress Thread & Feedback Required

    Hi everyone! It's been quite some time since I lost access to my earlier account. Long story short: Became a certified hypnotherapist in December 2017 Dropped out of college in January this year (Finance and accounting SCRIPT BS) Trying to prove my worth to my parents and everyone else since...
  4. oimate

    Hypnosis for motivation?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right section for posting but just wondering if any of the fastlane readers have used hypnosis to achieve any of their goals? I know of 2 seperate people who would have been quite skeptical about this kinda thing and they successfully quit smoking and the other lost...

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