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INTRO Making my start in the Furniture game

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Mar 5, 2021
Hi Guys,

Myself and my partner have been looking to move out of the 'slow lane' for some time now, we both work for a corporate making just enough money to scrape by each week. The 9 - 5 wage slave life is soul crushing so we have been aligning ourselves with the sentiments espoused in MJ's books and opportunities are beginning to make themselves more clear.

Last year we started flipping/upcycling furniture online using FB marketplace primarily. We found that there is a market in our city for second hand furniture and in particular when offering delivery (a lot of people do not own cars where we live and access can be horrendous). This was great and meant we could charge a premium on some of our goods but with us only having smaller vehicles and very limited time after work this proved to be more trouble than it was worth. We made some decent pocket money doing this and I can see how the business could be scaled to be more feasible but with us both living in small flats there is a limit to how much we could expand.

Very recently an amazing opportunity fell into our laps and we have been trying to plan how we can best capitalize on the situation. Long story short we have a warehouse full of good condition second hand furniture to sell.....the catch being that this warehouse will be sold to a land developer in 6 or so months so the furniture has to be gone by then. Amongst the load of furniture is a decent amount of more marketable 'fashionable' furniture pieces that we've identified could sell well and for a premium if marketed correctly on social media. There is a market for this where we live (very progressive, green, alternative type city) full of people that lap stuff like this up. We've identified a very small amount of people doing a similar thing and the market for it seems to be growing (second hand goods are absolutely huge and massively in trend where we live.

We have started an Instagram and Facebook page for marketing these more fashionable pieces and will sell the rest off on Marketplace and/or our country's version of eBay/craigslist. We are hoping to grow our business to the point where we can keep acquiring and selling cool furniture pieces after we no longer have access to the warehouse 6 months down the track.

This opportunity came out of the blue and I really want to do something to make the most of it. I would love to hear your guys thought's on how you might approach this situation as we feel your criticisms could really be of value to the direction we should head with this. The biggest challenge to overcome would be in transitioning from having the warehouse full of storage for furniture to having very limited storage once the building is handed over to the new owner. I believe if we build a strong brand we could make it through this transition but this will be a real challenge to do in just 6 months.

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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Awesome intro, and start to the world of entrepreneurship. Love the story.

Could you sell some of the higher end stuff to a home staging company or higher end office space (i.e. lawyers or the like)?


New Contributor
Mar 5, 2021
Awesome intro, and start to the world of entrepreneurship. Love the story.

Could you sell some of the higher end stuff to a home staging company or higher end office space (i.e. lawyers or the like)?
Thanks man, really appreciate the suggestion. I have considered possibly renting the furniture out but we'd have nowhere to store it after the warehouse is sold. A lot of the furniture is very nice and fits a niche look that would appeal to a certain 'instagrammy' type audience. A small amount of our furniture might be along the lines of what an office space might be interested in (certainly good quality) so that is definitely something I will be looking into.

I would say the furniture we are selling is similar but a little less stylish than this: thevintageshopnz - Login • Instagram

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