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New Contributor
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Jul 29, 2018
Chicago, IL
Hello my name is Ronny and I currently live in Chicago.

While TFM was a good book, UNSCRIPTED is what really spoke to me.

Aside from entrepreneurship, UNSCRIPTED spoke to me because it helped me to understand how I always felt about society and how people just seem to waste their lives doing mindless activities (Deep Work by Cal Newport exposed me to this idea). It was also wonderful how the book addressed mentality and purpose, which is I’d argue the most important.

Since finishing the book I have started journaling to stay focused on my business idea and to keep the SCRIPT at bay. It does creep back in, but I’ve been rereading UNSCRIPTED stay on track.

Having purpose is KEY. Since UNSCRIPTED I have developed a real purpose. So much so that I’ve realized that alcohol disturbs my sleep and leaves me less effective to work on my idea so I cut/reduced that out. I’m also obsessive about not wasting time. I wake up excited to work on my idea, and I’ve been avoiding distractions such as lame friends and what not (counts against achieving my goal). A lot of this I did before but having a purpose has created a conviction that wasn’t there before.

I am working on creating a product that will help others learn coding. Since I’m self taught I’ve gone through all the pitfalls and have learned what works. I remember benefitting from a learning site and writing them an email telling them how their service helped me land a job. A job is not just a job. For a lot of people it’s also financial security, mental well being, elimination of debt, and the building of savings. I really want to create a service in which someone tells me how’ve I helped them!

I recently had my FTE!!! Due to shitty management of a client project at the company where I work they are forcing people to work Saturdays and weekends. A lot of the team has been working non-stop for months, weekends included. I’ve resisted for the most part, but was recently called into a meeting with my coworker and was bullied and threatened to start coming in on the weekends (even though we can just’s a power trip). From that point I said F*ck this job and still haven’t worked on the weekend. Things have calmed down but true colors were shown, and I’m lucky that this happened AS I was reading UNSCRIPTED ! Can’t let an event like that go to waste!

The whole reason I didn’t straight up quit is because I have an automatic quitting plan in place. I have a month long trip in Asia coming up at the end of February, so that’s when I’ll quit. I have plenty saved up and getting a software dev job is not difficult if need be. I also got them to pay and send me to a coding workshop so I’ll take it.

In the meantime I’ve created a PROCESS for achieving my goals. Two hours each morning to work on my idea with more hours on the weekend.

Feel free to reach out with questions! I plan to keep in touch and make this forum my accountability buddy :)


I absolutely loved MJ’s hilarious descriptions such as:

  1. Have enough flags you’d think you’re at a Chinese military parade

  2. Bleed cash like an Instagram playboy

  3. About as regular as a Kardashian selfie

  4. Rip your hair out challenging

  5. And more!
SIDE NOTE 2: MJ has Udemy ads on this forum. Udemy is a site that helped me change my life. You can learn ANYTHING on Udemy. Have a hard time learning? Take the free course “Learning How To Learn” (google it) and read Cal Newport’s book Deep Focus.
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Awesome intro, so happy you enjoyed Unscripted !


New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Read Unscripted!
Jul 29, 2018
Chicago, IL
@MJ DeMarco It's strange / interesting / weird how after reading Unscripted I see it everywhere. It really is like taking the red pill in the matrix. It makes me sad to see people "in deep," and I also see why people at the office are miserable...they really did give up.

I love how the book is really about two things: society and entrepreneurship.

Forgot to mention...found you through YouTube. You should keep that up!
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