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Tom Peterson

New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
May 15, 2017
United Kingdom
It is so good to be here everyone!
I'm Tom and it is a pleasure to meet you all! I had read couples of your introductions and I've found it very enjoyable. Best wishes to you all, I really believe in your success!
So, Let me please say sth about myself. :) /

Why "Jump over the bar" in title?
Because I've stucked behind the hotel bar serving drinks for five nights a week for past two years, and i know it is a high time to jump over it and get off the side walk to start driving the Fastlane! :)
I'm 22 soon and I have been living in UK for two years now. I've moved here with a pretty poor linguage skills, and guess what? I've done nothing to help it for a whole first year. I was too busy working as much as i could and saving as much as it was possible. Why? I thought it will make me feel secure. I've been watching "funny cats" and other rubbish things in the meantime. I'm still embarrassed when look back at that year.

So, it was spring 2016 when my friend recommended to me first book about money and getting rich. It was a "Secrets of milionaire mind:..."

(I guess some of you have heard about this or have even read. I think MJ mentioned it indirectly in FLM, but I'll come back to it later)

Well I was really amazed by what i have read. I had realized that i hadn't moved forward at all for a long time, so I have taken a serious action to change sth. I've signed up for an intensive english course (spending most of my savings), forced myself to daily workout rutine and I've started to reading a lot about financial freedom and self improvement from authors such as Kyiosaki, Tracy or Hill

(Yes, I know some of their advises are more slowlane than fastlane but anyway you can still get some valueable information.)

In October last year I went to Dublin for a three-day seminar highly recomended by an author of "Secrets of milionaire mind:..." it was a weekend full of positive energy and good people

(Fortunately I hadn't had enough money to buy any of offered there "ultra-efficient programmes worth 2 gazilions euros but only for that day the price dropped to 20K euros... wait... no it's crazy! it's just 11 995 euros and you can become Warren Buffet in two months" Organizers of this kind of events are fastliners and they use very very aggressive methods of sales! It may sounds stupid but i have set up the goal to buy one of those expensive seminars (thanks MJ for your honest opinion. No i won't buy it))*

Learning, reading, training and how about an action?
Well... I'll surprise you :) There was one! Along with my school friend, we've set up the website that had to be kind of a social network for people interested in fashion. We've invested in mobile apps, made some nice desing and add many functions to it. After 6 months of building and only 1 month running we gave up, maybe too early but the number of fundamental mistakes made during the whole process was overwhelming. Well we both have learnt a lot, next try will be a lot better :)

What I do now?
I focus on my English spending 2-3 hours daily on learning, I still read, listen and watch things that can push me forward, and give me some valueable knowlage.

Now i"m fighting with one of my fears, Speaking/Writing in English in public. It wasn't that bad folks :D

Frankly Thanks for reading this, I'm glad you did this and I'll be even happier if you just say "Hi" below :D
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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Summit Attendee
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Hi Tom, thanks for the intro. ;)

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