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Internet Router with Social Network Broadcast Station


New Contributor
Nov 20, 2018
If you are tired of social network platform censoring free speech, if you are wary of political biased spams from the big media, if you are scared that one day we might get de-platformed,

What if I tell you can have an internet router with a social network broadcast station in it which can never be censored, spammed or de-platformed, what if I tell you our internet infrastructure is ready to support this kind of decentralized social network, what if I tell you with existing technology we can already make it happen?

The solution is:

- You install the internet router, which functions exactly like any other internet routers, except that it also has a "social network broadcast station" software on it acting as your personal station.
- You configure your laptops, mobile devices to connect to your personal stations.
- You follow other stations -- from people, business and groups -- the way you are already familiar with.
- Your personal station pulls updates from other stations you followed. You can then browse them on your laptops and mobile devices.
- Your activities (posts, content, etc.) will be stored on your own stations, no one else can censor, alter or delete. And you decide yourself who can have access to them.
- Your interactions with other stations will also replicate the content on your station to increase the availability of the data.
- Others could still try to reach you via your network connections, but you hold the final spam filters yourself.

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