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Seonmin Kim

New Contributor
Jan 5, 2019
People will scold me and comment bad but i just want to share my story and
tell yall my plans to be different.

First of all, I'm Korean.
I wanted to escape from this f**king useless inflexible education system in here
so started to look for something to earn money.

Maybe I was 15 at that time.

My first earning was from game that "merching" in there.
Then I started merching of facebook page.
The work was pretty simple.
I messaged to every FB page manager and buy it if they wana sell.
Then I sold them to company managers who I met in company group chat of cafe.
It was literally low time-high profit work
that i earned almost 700 USD from 1 page that took 1hr to buy
(Well, this was my highest profit)

After I did this for quite much, one manager asked me If I do consulting about SNS marketing.
I said "yes". This was my first step into GURU's world.

My first experience of consulting (don't know if i can call this "consulting") was amazing.
I was young and 200USD per 2hours was sweet attraction for me.
And I didn't have to prepare.

Then one day, one of my church's member who's doing piano rent business
asked me how to do advertisement in Facebook.
I wanted to help him so I tried to prepare consulting with "right infos"
And do you know what happened?
I only could teach him how to make ads in FB that only needs few clicks.
I was so ashamed but that was all. I didn't think about what was wrong.
Only one thing I've focused on was "proving myself" (with faking)
so I deceived myself with all of good words and even setted my dream "Consultant"

After that, I've been posting bunches of cryptocurrency things
(I think this was the most stupid thing I've done)
and almost became GURU in another SNS but luckily I read UNSCRIPTED before that.
I learned Valueism. The one thing I didn't have for my whole business.
I was planning to make some SNS channel and sell then CONSULTING but I changed the plan.

I'm going to be a "seller" who use those channels to sell products
and look out if these have enough value to sell.

I feel like I'm telling this like doing something special
but this is just a right thing Isn't it?

I will start selling products tomorrow (actually planned this 1month ago and it's all ready)
and going to write results in a few days!

If you can give some advices to this 20 years old boy, write some please.

I prefer bitter than sweet since sharpest words can make me motivated easily :D

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Jul 23, 2016
Miami, FL
What is merching?

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