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INTRO How to start a business,if you are just 19 and you dont have any connections?

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May 7, 2020
Hi everyone,I am really glad,that you are reading this thread.I want to take just 5 minutes from you to hear your advice/opinion on what should I do if I want to start my own business,but I dont have money,good connections and people,who share my vision.Thanks to Millionaire Fastlane and UNSCRIPTED,I have fully changed my perception about money.I want to create something that is related to software,but I dont have anyone who is supporting me,either financially or intellectually.I am 19,and I am going to be a junior student in IT specialization.I will go abroad to pursue my masters degree,so I was thinking,what if I will get connections in another country.I am living in Azerbaijan,so there is not right place to start online business.Also I am stuck in my parents' home.And I have a few close friends,who are not in mood to start the business ,and one 31 year-old man,who is working in logistics company,and plan to leave his job to start the business.He also wants to go abroad,because he hate the country he is currently living(I also hate!).In Millionaire Fastlane,I have read that location matters,and MJ DeMarco actually started his business after leaving Chicago,because he prefers hot weather.So,should I study my specialization,doing projects and working in a f*cking job for experience and getting money in 2 years' duration until I have a chance to go abroad as a graduate and find right people there to start the business?Or I should start the business now without having any experience in the field,connections,and money?Waiting for your advices and opinions!))

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Oct 22, 2010
Woodstock, GA
Welcome @nabinabiyev !!

1. relax
2. review your post. lot of limiting beliefs there. you CAN do this. there are NO obstacles
3. see 1.
4. get started. turn $1 into $2. come back to this thread when you have accomplished this task.
5. once 4. is done, begin to read and study this forum while working a business idea while studying while building a network of friends and business connections.
6. you can do it!!


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Jan 23, 2011
The first thing that I ALWAYS tell people that ask how to do something even though they don't have X, Y or Z...

Is GET X, Y or Z!

That is step one. Welcome to the forum!


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Jul 18, 2018
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Welcome Aboard!

Why not read this thread?

You don't need anything to start. You GET whatever you need while in the process.

Become a problem solver. Solve 1 problem of someone. Above article will help you how to solve the problem :)P).
Earn $1. Make that $1 into $2.

Believe in yourself.

Now you will have confidence to achieve things. You don't have connections? Well, you have solved someone's problem and they have become your connections.

Don't have X,Y,Z? In the process of solving problems for others and doubling that $1 to $2, you will get ideas to GET X,Y,Z.

hope this helps.

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