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How did you fail? Don’t worry- this is a good thing

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Mar 1, 2019
Hey people. Listen- how often have we been told that failure is just the worst thing ever? Like seriously- I know for me as a kid if I effed up it was the worst thing ever- but what if we change our thinking- change or kids thinking. Why can’t we think and teach our kids to think, “okay- that went wrong. Why? What can I do differently? What did I learn?” Now I’m not supporting the idea of if you don’t care and fail that that’s all good and the like- I mean really when you give it all you got and it goes south. I want to start a discussion. How did you fail? What were your aspirations and goals and it just blew up? What would you do differently? What can you learn from others? I’ll start.
I’ve failed at least 3 times at starting and sustaining a business. I tried an event business, a catering business and a event decor business. What did I do wrong? Well- damn near everything. I didn’t understand my market and look for ways to stand out- and if I apply the Unscripted rules, well that’s the thing. They didn’t apply at all. While I was providing a service that was valuable to some people, I didn’t skew it to REALLY make a difference. I loved the outcome of when the event was in full swing and people were happy and excited- but I wasn’t in love with the process to get there. Because I wasn’t invested I was fully committed. Lastly, I thought I loved it and therefore “love what I do”. As MJ said, worse advice you can take or give anyone. I work a 9-5 in accounting. I’ve been trying to run away from it pretty much since i got in it and thought doing what i love was the key to my escape. Wrong. So. What did I learn? I learned that while the event business can be profitable and had some fun sights along the way, I wasn’t really contributing anything. Yeah I made some brides and mothers to be happy in their special day and that was great- but it wasn’t fulfilling enough. I wanted more of that fulfillment and when I didn’t get it I lost Interest. I needed to have a really serious and humbling conversation with myself that I was wasting my time and really, not adding a whole lot of value to anything. I was losing money and damn near bankrupted my family. So, i let it go. After a while when I got that aggravated itch of eff this job bullshit, I thought, where I need fulfillment, where a crap ton of other people need fulfillment is in the very place I’m running away from. So, how can I make it better? What problems ACTUALLY need to be solved. Not what color cake icing do you want or what flowers do you want in your vases, but what could make your day to day life better? So I’m taking what I’ve learned and working on a service to enrich the lives of people who are like me. The 9-5ers who have worn a groove in their desks from banging their forehead against it out of frustration. I’m working on a plan to run TOWARDS the thing I’ve been running away from this whole time to boost morale, engage people and enable and encourage creativity, team building, excitement and engagement with each other. If I can make people feel good about themselves and their jobs how much more happy and productive people would be? I’m still working on it. And there’s still a lot of bugs to work out. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try again. So. Let’s hear your story? What went wrong for you? What did you learn? I’d love to hear it. I think we can learn so much from each other. Looking forward to talking to you.

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