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Hey! I am Kairan and I want to change the educational system


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Jan 10, 2018
Hello! :) I am Kairan and I am currently a student. I've noticed that a lot of people from all around the world talk about how the educational system is broken. And I notice that it is broken myself! The things is,people always say that they can't change the educational system. I want to prove them wrong and to create a different educational system. :)
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Jul 10, 2016
Glad to have you here. Capitalism and business can be big engines to drive change.

Curious to see what you can do.


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Jul 31, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah
Welcome to the forum!
Please do implement change in the schooling system, it is definitely needed. Too much debt for college students and the fact that you don't get to chose a path until you go to college is asinine.


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May 9, 2016
Specifically in regards to elementary through high school. The educational system is definitely broken and needs to be reformed.

I bounced around many schools growing up. I've been at schools where students do not even have access to TI calculators for math. They are pretty much told to find a way to get expensive calculators that they cannot afford, or they are shit out of luck.

I've also been to wealthier schools that give students calculators and also allow them to rent out Ipads from the library while they go to school.

In regards to pre-college educational systems. One REALLY big issue I have with them, is how they segregate minorities and poor people out of the school system.

When I was in the poorer school systems, the school population was 99% black and hispanic. I was literally one of like 3 white kids in the entire school.

It is a well documented fact that schools have historically drawn school lines in such a way that segregates poor and minority populations because wealthier populations do not want their kids to go to school with them. When wealthier populations have been forced to go to school with poorer populations, they have usually pulled their kids out of the school system and enrolled them in private school, or moved out of the school zone.

It has also been shown that when you put these poverty stricken communities in school with wealthier individuals, overall scores and funding increase.

At the end of the day, I think it all comes back to money. I think any substantial change would have to involve taking a look at how school systems are funded. All children should have access to the same quality funding, resources, and educators.

I'm interested to see what your plans are for improving the current situation.
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Eden H

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Nov 19, 2017
Recently finished the bio of Steve Jobs; through the end there was this part of how Jobs and Bill Gates talked about reforming the educational system through tech. (Recommended, it has some intriguing points about the matter, though only 2% of the book)

...ebooks are making there way...that's nice. Not enough.

Anyway, educational revolution is long overdue.

I am looking forward for your insights and actions.

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